6 top countries Nigerians can relocate to in 2021, number 5 is the sweetest

6 top countries Nigerians can relocate to in 2021, number 5 is the sweetest

Migration is part of human nature and has been for a long time. In recent times, Nigerians have been expressing the need to relocate to other countries.

There are various reasons that influence the decision to migrate to another country. Seeking better opportunities, schooling, and being close to a loved one are some of them.

Drawing resources from Clacified, Legit.ng presents you with six countries Nigerians can relocate to in 2021.

1. Canada

With the way Nigerians have been clamouring about moving to the country, it is no wonder that it makes number one on the list. People with different skills can relatively gain access into the country and prosper. According to the Calcified, the country supports immigrants bringing their families along.

2. Poland

Apart from having a very good economy, the country also encourages diversities, making it a place of choice for people to relocate to.

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6 top countries Nigerians can relocate to in 2021, number 5 is the sweetest
The countries on the list offer better life opportunities for foreigners. Photo source: Rustam Azmi, Gunter Fischer, Jaap Arriens, Andrew Chin
Source: Getty Images

3. Germany

With a population of around 80 million, the place has far better economies than most countries in the world. When relocating to the place, one would need to learn their German Deutsh language to blend in well.

4. Switzerland

With multi official languages like French, German, Romansh, and Italian, this is one country that really engenders diverse international cultures. Learning one of those official languages would solve the cultural barrier foreigners tend to face in new places.

5. Singapore

Like Switzerland, the country uses many official languages like English, Chinese Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, and Standard Mandarin. Nigerians would not find it hard settling in this country as their official language already matches with one of those.

6. Hungary

The same media platform gathered that Nigerians can easily get a visa to the country. Known for its popular city, Budapest, accommodation in the European country is also relatively low.

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Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a Nigerian man identified as Rexfunx spoke about the terrible encounter he had when he was trying to get out of the country.

The man revealed that he had the sum of N1.3 million in his account when he was sacked. According to him, the agency he relied on to process his travel to the UK duped him of the sum of N1.2m.


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