Who are the Rust Bros: People behind the Rust Valley Restorers

Who are the Rust Bros: People behind the Rust Valley Restorers

The Rust Bros are some of the most creative minds in the TV industry. Their vehicle-recycling venture has earned them an income and their fame has grown far and wide, thanks to their documentary Rust Valley Restorers.

Rust Bros
Connor Hall (L), Mike Hall (C), and Avery Shoaf (L). Photo: @rustbrosrestos
Source: Facebook

Rust Valley Restorers is easy to watch and understand. Even though the cast members use some technical language, most viewers have found it one of the most comfortable shows to watch. They are straightforward in the explanations that they give, and the information is easy to understand.

What is Rust Valley Restorers?

This is a famous Canadian documentary series produced by Mayhem Entertainment for History in association with Corus Entertainment. It features a crew of car lovers at a garage who transform abandoned heaps of rust into collectible classics.

Where is Rust Valley Restorers location? Rust Bros location is South Shuswap.

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Who are the Rust Bros?

The reality show features Mike Hall, Avery Shoaf, and Connor Hall, commonly known as the Rust Bros. Despite the popularity of Rust Bros cast, many of their fans still do not know more about them in real life.

Mike Hall

Rust Valley Restorers cast
Mike Hall checking one of his 400-old cars. Photo: @rustbrosrestos
Source: Facebook

The documentary follows Mike Hall and his team - Rust Bros - as they restore old cars that have gone to junk. It is gritty, quirky, and will entertain you to no end if you are into old cars and their restoration. But how much do you know about Mike?

Mike Hall is a Canadian, born and raised in Saint Boniface, Manitoba. When he was a kid, he moved to Kamloops after his father got a job with CP Rails. He began his vintage car collection as a teenager and has so far amassed four hundred-odd cars in forty years.

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Where did Mike Hall get his money? Before he started restoring cars as a full-time job, he owned a slope stabilization business and Chimera Springs Rock Works. Apparently, Mike Hall Rust Bros has made all his money in the construction business, and most of it has gone into buying old junk cars. A substantial amount of wealth has come from restored vehicles as well.

What is Mike Hall net worth? He boasts an estimated net worth of $2 million, which is quite respectable for someone who re-sells old cars. Additionally, his massive 400-car lot is on the market for $1.45 million.

Avery Shoaf

Avery Shoaf
Avery Shoaf posses for a pic at the garage. Photo: @rustbrosrestos
Source: Facebook

Avery Shoaf is another exciting player in this reality show. He is a mechanic and restoration specialist, well-known for his phenomenal engineering skills. He is also a reality star who has starred in several television shows and has performed exceptionally well.

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In Rust Valley Restorers, he is very close to Mike, and as a result, he has been labelled Cad Buddy of Mike Hall. Before joining the television industry, he owned a company that built heavy equipment.

Considering that the business was a financial loss, he quit and tried his hand in acting and has never regretted it. His impressive performances have earned him an incredible fanbase around the world.

Is Avery Shoaf married? He has not shared any information about his love life. Therefore it is not easy to tell whether he is married, engaged, or dating. However, he has one son called Shafin.

Did Avery Shoaf start his own business? In season three, the Rust Valley boys bring another show of unique cars, tough competition, and lots of laughs. Avery Shoaf has opened his shop: Wildman Restorations, with help from his son Shafin. This begs the question, will he continue working with Mike or become a competitor?

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Connor Charman Hall

Rust Valley Restorers
Connor Charman Hall driving one of the cars in the garage. Photo: @rustbrosrestos
Source: Facebook

Connor Hall is another impressive member of the Rust Valley Restorers cast. He is Mike Hall's son and he debuted on the show in 2018. The guy has got some talent and good looks.

The show has given him more recognition and fame. He does not look endowed on the technical side; therefore, he is not much of a mechanic. However, he has an eye for business. He engages the clients and oversees the operations.

Even though he said in an interview with Hollywood North Magazine that he had worked on his vehicles in the past, small projects like replacing the starter, the brakes, and other small jobs, he has not done any major geeky stuff. He works along with dad, Mike, and Avery in the shop. In several episodes, he is shown performing some serious auto mod stuff.

Who is the girl on Rust Valley Restorers?

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One of these crew members in Rust Valley restorations is a talented young automotive expert called Cassidy Mceown. She gets hired around the start of the first season to help with the growing workload.

Many fans of the show might be curious about who she is and why Mike Hall saw so much potential in this apprentice. So, who is Cassidy on Rust Valley Restorers? She is a popular American actress. She was born on December 21st, 2000, in the United States.

Until her debut on the popular show, not much about her was known to the public. However, she embodies talent, beauty, and brains. She attended A.L. Fortune School in British Columbia and then joined Okanagan College in Koenowa for her automobile studies.

Before she joined the Rust Brothers in January 2019, she received automobile work training from Prestige Collision-Vernon.

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Rust Bros cast
Cassidy Mceown and Mike Hall. Photo: @cassidymceown2000
Source: Instagram

Are Rust Bros still in business?

Season 3 shows Rust Bros restorations finally breaking even, with Mike hoping that the next year will be even better. However, the season ends with Avery putting up the sign for his restoration business - Wildman Restorations, outside his house.

Throughout the third season and even before that, Avery appears to be planning to venture out independently. Since the beginning, he has been with Mike, balancing out his long-time friend's tendency to take the business more like a passion project.

He believes the move will improve their friendship, as they won't bicker over the shop any longer. But, this is bound to have some long-term effects. As on whether they are still in the business or not, the next season will tell.

Rust Valley Restorers renewal

The good news for the fans is that there are already some speculations about the fourth season of the show. Rust Valley Restorers season 4 will likely be released in 2021.

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Rust Valley Restorers is, without a doubt, one of the most-watched reality shows. The show is distributed by Netflix and shown as a Netflix original show. It features some of the hilarious crew members called Rust Bros.

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