Idris Elba to reduce social media usage for health reason

Idris Elba to reduce social media usage for health reason

- Popular Hollywood star, Idris Elba, is trying to spend less time on social media because it makes him depressed

- According to the legendary actor, news on the social media has been putting him off and he just wants a break

- To clear up his head and depopulate his mind of horrible news, he uses his spare time to think in silence

Idris Elba is working on using less of social media platforms because the news on them gives him depression.

Though an active user of Twitter and Instagram, MSN reports that the Thor star will be reducing the time spent on them because world events sadden him.

Speaking to Fast Company magazine, he said that though he used to post so much on social media, he has been getting put off lately, adding that it is not how he wants to get his news.

The 47-year-old actor said that though he gets news on his iPad, he still cannot check them because they could dampen his mood.

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"I've been trying to wean myself off. I used to post a lot more, but it's been putting me off lately. And Twitter's just not how I want to receive my news.

"I read the news aggregated on my iPad, but I can't check it constantly - I'm not proud of it, but it's true - because it makes me feel depressed,” he said.

To fight depression, he said that he has been using his spare time to find peace and clear his mind.

"I'll just sit in the dark, stare, and try not to do anything-just clear my mind and decompress,” he said.

He also spoke about how he has been managing his busy schedules of working between different world’s time zones.

"I don't think in terms of minutes or hours or days or dates, especially because I'm travelling between time zones.

"My home base is London, but I could be working anywhere around the world. I pretty much know my schedule for the whole year, and I think of it in terms of blocks of time, where each project is a block,” he added.

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