Kofi Mole - Bestie: video, lyrics, reactions

Kofi Mole - Bestie: video, lyrics, reactions

Kofi Mole is, without a doubt, one of the best performing artists in Ghana. Most of his previous hits have attracted the attention of the music industry and gotten him a significant following on social media. Have you had the chance to listen to the newest tune by Kofi Mole - Bestie? If not, listen to it here. It is such an incredible song that no music lover can afford to miss.

If you underestimated the artist, his talent in this particular song will prove you wrong. The artist brings his best and will keep you glued to your screens, watching the song over and over again.

Kofi Mole - Bestie description

  • Release date: October 11th, 2019
  • Format: Video/audio
  • Album: Aposor Love
  • Genre: Afrobeat
  • Producer: YungDemz
  • Video shot and directed by: Yaw Phanta
  • Length: 2 minutes 56 seconds

Ghanaian recording artist, Kofi has dropped the video of his single titled "Bestie". The tune is in his new project "Aposor Love". Yaw Phanta directed the amazing video. The song is a self-confession about the temptations he goes through when around his female friends.

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Kofi Mole - Bestie reviews and comments

After the video of this song was released, YouTube fans and followers were anxious to watch it. Here are some of their responses.

  • Marokind Idibra: I never knew how good this guy Kofi Mole is until I came across his single Don't be late and now bestie I love you bro and I wish you more blessings. Love from Nigeria
  • Adelaide Kwakye: We are all here....waiting for the day it will change from best friend to girlfriend. So this is what we all go through? God help us.
  • OfficialEsterloca: Shout out to all the niggaz stuck in the friend zone. Next month by this time, you would be out.
  • Headlynz gh: How many of us smile from the beginning to the end.
  • Albina Salata: Ghanaian girls can't roll without makeups and wig for a day? I wonder how these are the ladies the artist is talking about. Anyway big up bro the song is dope!
  • Ghhgc Vcv: Something sweet you like it... Sweet sweet you like it.... Like if you understand what I mean.
  • Richard Essien: This girl looks like Fantana despite the color difference. Could she be the one? Somebody please assist.
  • Eric Akongyuride: These guys are so so talented I swear. Ghanaian are always at the top. Jah blessings!
  • Jeffrey Danso: Real fans of the amazing artist. Let us show love to the Aposor gangster *Chronicles.
  • Joe Dollar Okyere: How many times did I call you? This best friend thing saaa na you dey chop on the low yoooo. You better learn from this song. I have experienced it ooo.
  • Mikky Flinkz Bolga bia: Beautiful love, who will also be my bestie here, am so lonely if you love the song.

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Kofi Mole - Bestie lyrics

Other than the beats, the lyrics too make the song perfect and interesting. Here are the lyrics of this particular song from the award-winning artist.


Yah, yah, yah, uuh uh

Mole eh ah

Get money for you then

Then we marry very soon

Baby when the time comes

Then we marry very soon


(My bestie

Looking s*xy, but I don'wanna sin yeah


All around me, you tryna get me in eeh) X 2

[Verse one]

Yeah, I don' wanna cheat (ah eh)

Maame I don'wanna do it (ah eh)

Yea, guess say the things you do dey make am tempted to touch you

See the way you show body dey make am tempted to f*ck you

De3 wo y3 no y3 med3 ooh

Make you no stop, give me more

M'ay3 s3 menp3 nsu3 mep3

Wo de woa di3 mu b3ku me ooh

Eii I go die for your bacta ei ta

Make I get matta eei


[Verse two]

This thing we dey do, yawa go happen

Am falling for you, you be crashing am crashing

We enter the room, we be kissing and touching

We think ebi cool, but really be something

One day my girlfriend go see

You too your boyfriend go see

If them catch we for corner, ego be yawa for we

Ano dey want trouble, but still wear my cardle

Your something dey pee me girl give me your apple

You calling me bro, you make me confused

What make i do uhh oh no no


(My bestie

Looking s*xy, but I don'wanna sin yeah


All around me, you tryna get me in eeh) X 3

Kofi Mole - Bestie download

If you want to add the hit to your playlist, get it from the reliable sources suggested below.

Now that you have watched and listened to the new hit by Kofi Mole - Bestie, what do you think about it? Is it a hit or a miss? We would be pleased to hear your opinion about the song. Drop your views in the comment section below. While at it, share the article as well.

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