How to get rid of lizards at home permanently

How to get rid of lizards at home permanently

Are you one of the many people that cringe at the sight of lizards and have been wondering how to get rid of lizards permanently? Well, these reptiles are not entirely bad as they help get rid of insects such as spiders, mosquitoes and houseflies. However, some people would rather use tons of insecticides than tolerate the animals in their homes.

How to get rid of lizards

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If you are one such person, you need not to worry about how to get rid of lizards without straining. Fortunately, there are so many techniques that you can apply when it comes to getting rid of the crawling reptiles. Whether you hate them because they give you goosebumps, or just because you don't like the idea of having animals crawling on your walls, you can be assured that there are several methods to try out. Chances are that you will find a technique that works for you.

Tips for getting rid of reptiles in your home

When it comes to getting rid of insects and rodents at home, sometimes the simplest methods are the most effective. Check out the following methods that work.

1. Egg Shells

This is one of the easiest ways on how to get rid of lizards at home. The odour of the egg shells will make them feel like there is a different organism living around thus having marked its territory. This is a simple yet straightforward technique of getting rid of the reptiles. You do not have to invest in expensive lizard repellent when yo can find a solution that will not cost you anything. Once you have consumed your eggs, break the shell into pieces and put them in corners of your house.

2. Coffee - tobacco balls

This is a perfect way on how to get rid of house lizards especially if you want them to die. Make balls of tobacco and coffee and place them in corners that these reptiles love to hide. When they consume them, they will either die or move away from the house for good.

3. Use garlic

Like most animals, there are things that the small reptiles can never stand. One of these is garlic smell. Whether you choose to spray the areas these creatures are prone to with garlic water, or hang a few of the garlic pieces around the house, and you can be sure that they will disappear. If you did not know how to keep them away, then you can be sure that these will repel them right away.

4. Peppery spray

This simple remedy also helps get rid of any house lizard that may have remained behind after chasing all others. The mixture is made from black pepper and water. It works by irritating the lizard to the point where it cannot stand being around the sprayed area. Consider using it on areas that the animals love to hide.

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5. Onion

How to get rid of lizards

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You do not have to spend anything extra if you have onions, which all kitchens do. Onions have sulfur in them which is responsible for the smell that they produce. Hang some onions in areas they use as entry points. This covers all doors, windows and crevices that will allow lizards to have a way through. You can also spray a solution of onion juice to repel lizards.

6. Use Naphthalene Balls

You can use these balls as a simple method of how to remove lizard from home permanently. Apart from that, you can also make use of moth balls which are great and safe to use. Being one of the most used technique, it is convenient because you can place the balls anywhere, including your boxes. This way, no lizard can hide out in areas that are unexpected.

7. Make use of fly papers

The good news is that in addition to catching flies, this paper will also capture the lizard. Once it is stuck, you can then physically remove it from the paper and throw it away. If you do not mind doing things physically then this is the most advisable technique to use.

8. Using ice cold water

This is also another physical and easy way to remove the reptiles from the house. Spray some ice water on it to immobilize it. You can pick it up and throw it away physically while it still cannot move. You do not have to kill it to have it leave your house.

9. Spicy Tabasco

How to get rid of lizards

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Just like the way it hated the pepper spray, putting 2 tablespoons of tabasco sauce in a spray bottle full of water and spraying this in areas such as cupboards, window panes and corners of the house. This way, all the potential entry points will be covered.

10. Use cardboard method

With this simple trap method, you do not have to harm the lizard in any way. In fact, it is one of the safest ways of getting rid of the reptile without making as much as a move. It is perfect for animal lovers.

Once you understand how to get rid of lizards properly, you do not have to struggle with these reptiles. Most of the techniques are possible at home. You can use the items in your kitchen to control the population of the animals in your home.


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