Man trying to impress his friends by drinking full bottle of gin lands in hospital (video)

Man trying to impress his friends by drinking full bottle of gin lands in hospital (video)

Friends are a wonderful part of one's life. They are the ones who stand by a person during the good, bad and ugly times. Hence, what would one not do for friends? Well, judging by the experience of the man featured in this story, the one thing an individual should not do for a friend is drink to impress them.

The particular friend being talked about is a Zimbabwean who cherished his friends well enough to down a whole bottle of gin just to impress them. So, they were in a beer parlour and, on a table, were several bottles of beer and gin.

As it appears, some friends dared the man in question to drink an entire bottle of gin. He did not say NO! Rather, he picked up the whole bottle (not even a glass cup) and simply gulped down the entire content.

While he was swallowing gulps and gulps of dry, peppery gin, his friends were hailing him on in their language. It was, in fact, a sort of festive cheering. When he finished drinking up, they cheered him some more and the man who must have felt really happy at having completed the difficult task picked up the bottle and walked out gallantly.

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At first, nothing happened. But 10 minutes later, a whole lot did. First, he started feeling heartburn (his chest was practically burning). Then, he took off his T-shirt (maybe, this time, he was feeling heat).

Afterwards, the said man began to become restless, weak and he just did not get himself. He tried to vomit but, in spite of the large content that he had taken in, all that came out was a little saliva.

See the second part of the video:

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The gin drinker went from being a healthy, confident man to being a very weak, unstable man. Seeing that the man was totally not on the good side of health, the same friends who had cheered him while he was drinking away rushed him to the hospital.

Many people have taken to commenting about this unwarranted act. Their comments were very brutal and condemning in light of the situation.

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See some of the reactions below:

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This is quite funny, right? Well, while the negative effect of gin seems to be glaring in this situation, a Nigerian singer who claims to be born-again took to saying that alcohol is not a sin. He thoroughly justified the drinking of this substance on social media. ( -> We keep evolving to serve our readers better.

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