Top 10 music schools in Nigeria

Top 10 music schools in Nigeria

Top 10 music schools in Nigeria are also pretty famous around the world. The traditional African, European and modern music directions are taught here. Very often the music education is provoked by the parental decision. Of course, there are numerous cases when this is the will of a child. The best schools of music in Nigeria make the process of education very interesting despite the fact it is hard and intensive.

Top 10 music schools in Nigeria

Please, note that this is merely the list of top 10 music schools in Nigeria and not the rankings of them. Nigerian music has been influenced by many factors over the years. So, here is our top 10.

The Apostolic Music School

The Apostolic Music School is owned by apostolic Assembly in Nigeria. They teach traditional genres of the churches and cathedrals. The number of musical instruments and the thematic of songs is a little limited. However, it does not mean that you are limited in your ability to choose your favorite genre. This school is famous for its vocal training. After you graduate it, you could probably become a new voice of some opera.

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Lani Stephens Music Institute

This is one of the best music production schools in Nigeria. It is recommended for people who are genuinely interested in music.

VGC study center

This is a music school mostly for adults, who are very interested in music. Good qualified tutors will give you maximum result in the shortest time. They have special courses even for those who have never dealt with creating and making music. Music lessons are provided six times a week, every day except Sundays.

Top 10 music schools in Nigeria

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Tenstrings Music School

This school of music is also situated in Lagos. Probably it is the leading Nigerian music school in the country. They have trained more than 2000 specialists in the last five years. Moreover, they are saying that they could give a guaranty that everyone who graduated from their school is a professional.

They also have departments in 4 regions all over the country. The course is including training in 4 directions: the training on all the musical instruments, vocal, dance lessons and audio engineering.

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Classique’ School of Music

This is a school which is proposing to its students the big course of classical music. They work in two directions:

  • Classical European music (Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, etc.)
  • Classical African music (African music from different regions of the continent)

Those who finish this music school usually become musicians in different orchestras all over the world. This is one of the biggest music school networks which work almost in all the cities of Nigeria.

West African Musical Academy

This is a big university with the primary direction in music. In other words, this is probably the most influential and productive establishment in Nigeria. They are real professionals in musical education and music production. The list of courses is rather big here, and you can find all of them on the official website of the WAMA. If you want to connect your career with the music and its production – West African Musical Academy is a perfect choice for you. WAMA also has a secondary school for those who are sure about their future in the sphere of music.

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Bola Are School of Gospel Music

This is the second music school connected with the religiouous establishments. It was created in 1976 by Christian priest Bora Are for children and adults.

Strauss Schools

Strauss schools this is an entire complex of schools. They have Music and Musical Theatre department. The course in Strauss School includes three types of classes: music, dance, and drama. Moreover, they have a variety of courses depending on your level. This is the music school both for adults and children. They even have Junior and Secondary departments.

Lee Music School

lee music school

LMS is quite a unique music school for Nigeria. This is a school with short (3-4 months) but intense courses for students of any age. Their specialties are vocal and foreign music. During vocal lessons, the tutors pay big attention to the voice and diction of a student. They also work with the people who have any speech problems. As for graduate test in this school they make a personal CD for every student with songs he/she sings and record in the professional studio on the base of the school.

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Piano Music School

Last, but not the least is the Piano Music School founded by famous piano maestro Steve Chord. This is an international school with a fascinating form of education. They do not have the permanent location and from year to year they move from country to country creating a real network of talented pianists all over the world. This year they are situated in Lagos, Nigeria, and the next year they are planning to go to Benin. The maestro is teaching students by himself and share with them his enormous experience and talent, so don’t miss this chance of a lifetime this year.

So which school would you choose?

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