Nigerian lady shares her experience with a hair vendor on social media

Nigerian lady shares her experience with a hair vendor on social media

- Frustrated Nigerian customer calls out hair vendor, Miz Wanneka for inferior product and bad customer service

- According to the social media user, Ayeesha she paid N81,000 for a wig only to receive an inferior quality product six weeks after payment

- The hairtrepreneur, Wanneka attempted to justify wishing the customer dead, saying she flamed the fire

The entire internet has been called to be the judge of a service gone wrong. A social media user named Ayesha shared screenshots of the rude comments she got from the CEO of a weave company she patronized recently.

Ayesha revealed that she paid N81,000 for a discounted hair weave but was left disappointed when her order didn't arrive until after six weeks. To make it worse, the product she got was inferior to what she had ordered, she messaged the CEO, complaining bitterly about the service, only to get curses sent her way.

Ayesha shared the screen munched versions of their chats, where she showed that she was wished death after complaining for the ill-service. She said: "How can a business person wish death upon her customer ? If your customer service svcks and I don’t receive what I paid for I will definitely complain and make a fuss."

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In the chat, Miz Nwanneka is seen insulting the client and exchanging all manner of abusive words with the evidently aggrieve customer.

In justification, the hair boss shared a part of the chat on social media page, claiming that she reacted to the rude approach of the customer.

She said: "So I wasn’t going to say anything about this issue , but oh well too many tags already , so here is for those who will be interested in knowing what happened . First of all , I want to ask you all to tell this lady to release the whole chat and not an edited chat.

After a week ago, I posted something on my Instagram story about how someone came to my store and tried to kill me and all that and that whoever wants me dead will die before me . Few mins later , I saw a comment on my post , with abuses and agreeing I’ll die, I quickly deleted the comment from my post and tried to send the person a DM cause that was too harsh . As I opened the message , I saw she also sent a message on dm which she didn’t post to u all . Now she didn’t say whether she bought hair or not or whether we owe her hair . She was just abusing me both on comment and dm and as human , I replied with u “u will die untimely, because she said that to me first.

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And she immediately added my kids to it saying my children will die untimely and even called my daughter’s name as u can see in the chat that she already edited . I got very angry and we both exchanged nasty words. It was even in the cause of the exchange that she mentioned she bought hair that hasn’t been delivered and I said so why didn’t u use the compliant line . She said “do U know y ur clients don’t respect u ? Because u are classless , you don’t know how to speak English , you are local , and a village girl , which was wen I said to her my clients don’t only respect me , they worship me because I don’t let them waste too much money buying same thing . And she said money can’t buy u a PhD , money won’t buy u class. First she left a very harsh and nasty comment on my page without even stating what the main issue was , and still went ahead to insult me on my dm . Then I replied her and she got my kids involved (first ) I will never ever keep mute when u talk about my kids in that manner. She sent me her business page , saying my “this is my jewelry page and im sure classless girls like u can’t afford it . Lol . And I said I know where to buy jewelry if I wanted not fake . Funny part is ,how she edited every d*mn thing she said is still a shock.

Na wa o.

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