Full list of ECOWAS countries and their capitals as of 2024

Full list of ECOWAS countries and their capitals as of 2024

ECOWAS was founded on 28 May 1975 in Lagos, Nigeria, by signing the ECOWAS treaty. Its main aim is to create a common market in West Africa, fostering the free movement of goods, services, and people across member states. Here is a list of ECOWAS countries and their capitals.

list of ecowas countries and their capitals
Member countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Photo: Main_sail (modified by author)
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ECOWAS has played a significant role in the political and economic development of West Africa. It has contributed to regional stability, facilitated trade and economic growth, and worked towards harmonising policies and standards across member states.

What is the meaning of ECOWAS?

ECOWAS stands for the Economic Community of West African States. It is a regional intergovernmental organisation in West Africa established to promote economic integration and cooperation among its member states.

When was ECOWAS founded?

ECOWAS was founded on 28 May 1975, when some countries in West Africa came together in Lagos to sign the Treaty of Lagos.

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Full list of ECOWAS countries and their capitals

There are eighteen countries geographically located in West Africa, but only fifteen out of these countries are members of ECOWAS. Five of these fifteen countries are English-speaking, eight are French-speaking, and the remaining two are Portuguese-speaking.

The organisation structure is headed by the chairman of the authority of heads of state and government, appointed by the other heads of state. The chairman runs the affairs of the union for a period of one year. The current chairman is Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who is the current president of President of Nigeria.

What are the 15 ECOWAS member countries, and what are their capitals?

Below is a table of all the ECOWAS members, their capitals, and official languages.

NoCountryCapitalCurrencyOfficial language
1BeninPorto-NovoCFA francFrench
2Burkina FasoOuagadougouCFA francFrench
3Cape VerdePraiaescudoPortuguese
7Guinea-BissauBissauCFA francPortuguese
8Ivory CoastYamoussoukroCFA francFrench
10MaliBamakoCFA francBambara
11NigerNiameyCFA francFrench
13SenegalDakarCFA francFrench
14Sierra LeoneFreetownleoneEnglish
15TogoLoméCFA francFrench

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How many countries left ECOWAS, and when?

In December 2000, Mauritania, one of the original founding members and an Arabic-speaking country, withdrew from the organisation.

What are the major objectives of ECOWAS?

Here are the major ECOWAS objectives:

  • Seeks to promote economic integration among its member states.
  • Maintaining peace and security in West Africa.
  • Encouraging cooperation in various sectors such as agriculture, energy, transportation, and education to enhance development and improve living standards in the region.
  • The organisation aims to achieve monetary integration by establishing a common currency.
  • ECOWAS strongly emphasises democracy, good governance, and the protection of human rights.

What are the achievements of ECOWAS?

list of ecowas countries
Vector map and flag of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Photo: Main_sail
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Here are some of the major achievements of ECOWAS.

  • ECOWAS has been crucial in mediating and resolving conflicts in West Africa.
  • The organisation has made significant progress in promoting the free movement of people within the region.
  • ECOWAS has worked to reduce trade barriers among member states, making it easier for businesses to engage in regional trade.
  • It has made efforts to harmonise policies in various sectors, including agriculture and education, to ensure consistency and cooperation among member states.
  • ECOWAS has invested in regional infrastructure projects, including roads, energy, and telecommunications, to improve connectivity and stimulate economic growth and development.

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The list of ECOWAS countries and their capitals shows the diversity and cooperation within the Economic Community of West African States. These nations work together to achieve common objectives and overcome shared challenges.

Full list of ECOWAS countries and their capitals
Photo: canva.com (modified by author)
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