How to extract avocado oil from the seed, fruit, and skin

How to extract avocado oil from the seed, fruit, and skin

There are few methods on how to extract avocado oil, we should concentrate on the method with seeds, but also we will also mention other techniques briefly.

How to extract avocado oil from the seed

How to extract avocado oil from the seed: industrial method

The main methods of obtaining avocado oils, as well, as other vegetable and fruit oils, are pressing and extraction. The common stages for both methods are cleaning, drying, crushing the seed peel and separating it from the core.

After this, the seeds are chopped, and the mass is obtained. Before pressing, the mass is heated at 100-110°C in the braziers while stirring and moisturizing. Fried in this way, the mass is squeezed in the press. Completeness of pressing oil from the solid residue depends on the pressure, the thickness of the layer of the material being squeezed, the viscosity and density of the oil, the duration of the spin and a number of other factors. Vegetable oils obtained by any method are subjected to purification. By the degree of purification, edible oils are divided into crude, unrefined, and refined.

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Oil factory

Unrefined vegetable oils are subjected to partial purification: sedimentation, filtration, hydration, and neutralization. These products have less biological value since during the hydration process some of the phosphatides are removed.

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Press machine for home

How to extract avocado oil from the seed at home

So, let’s go through the full process of avocado oil extraction at home. What do you need for it? At first, you have to obtain some kind of press. There are lots of oil presses available to buy on the market, but you can use a self-made model. Also, you will need a strainer.

When you have obtained such tools, you can start to extract avocado oil. Follow the next steps:

  1. Wash the avocado seeds and remove all the remnants from the exterior.
  2. Leave the seeds in the direct sun for a couple of days. They have to be dry.
  3. After you obtained dry pits, put them into the plastic bag. Crush the seeds with the mallet.
  4. Open the bag and gather any oil from it and put it into the glass jar. Collect the seeds fragments and put them into the strainer. Press them through the strainer into the glass jar.
  5. Don’t throw away the remain fragments. Put them in the press’ pit to gather every single drop of the oil.
  6. After you’ve done with the seeds fragments and you’ve obtained enough amount of oil, you have to clarify it. To do so, leave the oil for a few days then gather any kind of pieces that would be on the top of the mass.
  7. Put the avocado oil on the stove and cook it on the level of 100°C to remove any extra water and any kind of bacterias.

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Avocado skins

Other methods of avocado oil extraction

In fact, there are two more ways to extract the oil from the avocado fruit. You can use the whole fetus or single avocado skin to do it. Let’s put some light on both of these ways.

In the first case, when you’re using the whole fruit, you have to cook it into the form of pure. Scoop out the fruit with the spoon. Use the blender to crush the fruits into the form of a paste. Then heat the mass in the pot and cook it until it gets dark. Then gather it into the cheesecloth and squeeze the oil through it.

In the case of skins, you have to get some kind of orange press. After you get one, press the skins hardly and gather the oil.

How to extract avocado oil from the seed, fruit, and skin

In both cases, you have to purify the obtained oil, like in our instruction on how to extract avocado oil from the seeds.

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