Importance of Internet in our life

Importance of Internet in our life

The role of Internet in modern society cannot be understated. Most of us hardly remember the times when there was no Internet. Some did not even experience life before Internet. But what exactly is Internet? What do we use it for? Why has it become so important? The answers to these questions and more you can find in this article.

Importance of Internet in our life

What is Internet?

what is internet

If you do not know, the Internet is a network that connects hundreds of millions of electronic devices, like computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. through TCP/IP, or Internet protocol. It provides access to millions of terabytes of information on any topic imaginable.

There is a common misconception that the Internet is synonymous with the World Wide Web (Web or WWW for short). Actually, the Internet gives you access to the WWW. The latter can be considered the Internet’s graphical user interface.

world wide web

The Web is the place where the information is contained. There are billions of pages filled with information called websites. As a matter of fact, you are on one right now! To get here, you must have used a web browser. A web browser is an application that lets you use the Internet to view web pages. Simple!

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Now let’s talk about the use of Internet. Why do we even need it?

Uses of Internet

uses of Internet

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Well, the answer is simple. Or rather, there are seven simple answers. Here are top 7 ways you can use the Internet.


Communication. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you thing about Internet is communication. If you thought of something else, then please do not voice it, we are trying to keep it PG here.

As the Internet connects millions, or even billions of devices, it allows people to communicate with each other across the globe. You no longer have to send letters and wait for weeks, sometimes months for a response. Nowadays, in a matter of milliseconds, you can connect with whomever you want.


Education. Back in the ‘old days’, you had to physically go to school or a university and listen to boring lectures. These days, you often still have to do that. However, now you have an alternative!

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There are many uses of Internet in education. Many educational institutions practice online lessons, either for the full class, or for the person who cannot attend the lesson. In addition, there are plenty of online courses, if you do not want to commit to a university or college.


Research. Every student knows the struggle of writing an essay or any other kind of scientific paper. You have to master a topic in a matter of days (if you are lucky) or several hours (if you are procrastinating). Reading through tons of books is tedious and time-consuming. That is when the Internet comes to the rescue. With its help, you can find everything you need on the topic of your choice. However, you need to know where and how to look.

The word research in this instance is not limited to the actual serious scientific research. When you google how old your favourite music artist is, it also counts as research. Basically, if you are looking for information via the Internet, you are researching stuff, no matter how serious or important.

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Entertainment. After a long day at the school/uni/work/what have you, everyone needs to relax a little bit. Most of the time, you cannot be bothered to go out, so the Internet comes to the rescue!

Movies, music, TV shows, YouTube, comics, video games, the list goes on and on. Every kind of person can find something to entertain themselves with on the Internet. Some of those things might not be legal or appropriate for children, so there is a certain control.

work on the web

Work. Some people go to work every day, sit in a stuffy office until the day is over and then go back home to rest and repeat the whole thing in the morning. On their jobs, they are most likely using the Internet, be it for actual work, or for browsing cat memes on the company time.

At the same time, some people lie on their couches in their pyjamas with the laptops on their stomachs and also work thanks to the magic of Internet. Some jobs do not require physical presence in the work place, so why waste time and money on transportation, when you have the Internet at your mercy? Internet made browsing cat memes at work even more comfortable!

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financial transaction

Financial transactions. At the end of the day, we all just want to get paid. But what if your employer is actually on the other continent? Once again, the Internet can help you with that. Nowadays, all you need to do to perform a financial transaction is to fill in your credit card details in a specified fields and voila! Now you can receive your money.

You can also use the Internet to spend money. You can pay your tuition or send your parents some money while you are away. Most importantly, you can buy things! Which leads us to our next point.


Shopping. Online shopping is great. You can get anything (and we mean anything) on the Internet, and it will be sent to your doorstep. If you are lazy, antisocial or have limited use of your legs, you can order everything your heart desires online. Even if it is illegal.

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You can even open up your own shop and sell things to people from across the world. From arts and crafts projects to old childhood toys, if you need some cash, use the Internet to sell your stuff and get paid!

Now that you know about the uses of Internet, it is time to talk about its advantages and why it is important.

Advantages of Internet

Importance of Internet

In our digital age, it is hard to imagine our everyday lives without the Internet. It is used in almost every infrastructure and in many homes. It opened up a new realm of opportunities to people who could not even dream about it before.

The biggest advantage of the Internet is that it makes things easier and more accessible. As you can see from the previous chapter, it connects people, lets them learn, work and relax by providing the necessary means.

But wait, there is more:

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Importance of internet in education is that it allows people learn whatever they want whenever they want. Most of the information, it can provide, is free, unlike most of the education in the ‘real world’.


Teachers can use it to make their lessons more interesting and engaging. The importance of Internet for students is that it makes it easier to research things, as well as fact-check the information that is taught in schools and universities.

Role of internet in modern business is to connect the buyer with the seller, or the supplier with the manufacturer. Role of internet in marketing is that it allows to research the market, provide customer service or advertise the product with a press of a button.


And most importantly, Internet works as an equalizer. The role of Internet in development of democratic societies is that it enables people. It lets them find out more about other countries and cultures, make a choice on who they want to see in the government and generally be more aware of their rights. Internet is an important tool in building a democracy.

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Of course, it has its disadvantages, but the advantages generally outweigh those. These days, we probably would not be able to live without the Internet. It made us lazy and reliant, sure, but it also helped so many people feel valid and important. Thank you, Internet, for being there when we need you the most!

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