Man Impregnates Brother-In-Law's Wife

Man Impregnates Brother-In-Law's Wife

A man from Mbundane suburb in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe has shown impertinence and disloyalty to his in-laws by allegedly impregnating his brother-in-law's wife. Elvis Nkiwane, who is married to Mejury Nduba, allegedly impregnated Siphiwe Nduba who apparently is married to James Nduba, his brother-in-law.

Nkiwane and his sister-in-law once dated before they were married to their respective spouses, a source said. They went their separate ways only to meet as in-laws in 2008. Memories stirred up resulting in the two lovebirds secretly rekindling their relationship. The romantic affair heated up, while his wife and her brother were NOT suspecting anything.

Nkiwane is said to have been to have been a regular visitor to the brother-in-law's house in Rangemore.

"My brother-in-law used to frequently visit us at home every weekend," said James.

He added that he would leave his wife with Nkiwane. Little did he know that he was giving them an opportunity to pursue their suspected strong desire. The affair came to light when James' wife got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy.

"I asked my wife who the father of the baby was since the months did not tally. It effectively meant that the pregnancy was conceived during my absence. To my shock, she revealed that it was Nkiwane's," said the visibly devastated man.

A close friend to Nduba family said the families were still working to resolve the matter. Ndiwane and Mejury refused to comment.


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