Man who Has Been Driving Without License for More Than 70 Years Finally Gets Caught, Says he Started at Age 12

Man who Has Been Driving Without License for More Than 70 Years Finally Gets Caught, Says he Started at Age 12

  • A man who has been driving on roads for over 70 years without a driver's license has finally being caught by the long arm of the law
  • The man in his 80s told police officers that he has never been pulled over before nor has he ever been involved in an accident
  • The octogenarian who began driving at age 12 was also discovered by Nottinghamshire Police, UK to be without any insurance

Nottinghamshire Police officers in the United Kingdom were awestruck after encountering a man who has been driving for more than 70 years without a driver's license.

The officers accosted the man at a supermarket car park where he divulged some shocking revelations about his driving.

He started at age 12: Man driving for more than 70 years without license gets caught
He started driving car at age 12 Photo Credit: Facebook/Bulwell, Rise Park and Highbury Vale Police, Westend61
Source: Getty Images

More stunning revelations

According to the octogenarian born in 1938, he has also never been stopped by the police as he made an effort at avoiding them knowing he is without a license.

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The stunned officers revealed in a Facebook post that the man has interestingly never had an accident, caused anyone injury while driving or made anyone lose financially by hitting them as an uninsured driver.

The statement on their Facebook page read in part:

"We can't quite believe what happened next, as the driver, who was born in 1938 (!!), coughed that he had been driving with no license and no insurance, since he was 12 (yes TWELVE) years old.....and somehow had managed to never be stopped by the police. (We'll let you do the maths!!)
"Thankfully he had never had an accident, caused anyone an injury, and never made anyone lose out financially, by hitting them whilst uninsured!"

The Guardian reports that one risks between three and six penalty points as well as unlimited fines for driving without a license and insurance.

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Social media reacts

Callum Geddes stated:

"Excellent driving record, hope the gentleman was apologized too for wasting his time and let on his way."

Dave Morley wrote:

"Fantastic idea, let's post on Facebook the fact you have been utterly useless at doing what your paid to do for the last 72 years."

Howard Hughes opined:

"An easy win, and not one I'd crow about if I were the constabulary. As a magistrate I can tell you that when it comes to actually investigating and apprehending genuinely dangerous and / or criminally minded motorists, the police are scarcely fit for purpose."

Gordon Lewis said:

"While he should have had insurance, depending on the circumstances of learning to drive it could mean that he was exempt from taking a driving test. He should still have applied for a licence of course, but he wouldn't have necessarily had to take a test to get that licence."

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Nigerian man creates scene at UK supermarket, tells policeman he wants a refund

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Nigerian man had caused a stir at a UK supermarket as he demanded a refund of his money from a policeman.

He revealed that he was earlier mis-profiled as a thief and arrested. When the policeman called on him asked if wanting a refund was why he was shouting in the supermarket, he said yes.

The man maintained that he had to be on top of his voice as he was never given attention when he demanded a refund.


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