Resilience: How Only-Surviving Child Emerges as Sought-After Netflix Artist By Anthony Jameson

Resilience: How Only-Surviving Child Emerges as Sought-After Netflix Artist By Anthony Jameson

Editor's note: In this piece, Anthony Jameson writes on the importance of investing on the girl-value and the ripple effect such an investment can have on a family, community and nation at large.

The girl child is one of the expedient areas at the spotlight of the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action; girls rights are codified within the United Nation Convention on the rights of the child which includes participation in social life, protection from harm, etc, but this was an opposite experience for 27-years-old Fatma Habashe, whose childhood was a shade of loneliness, discrimination, abuse, with no hope for a glamorous future.

Fatma Habashe is a definition of resilience with unparalleled tenacity for greatness and impact. Hardly had Fatma Habashe left the weaning stage as a suckling, her father - who was half-Ethiopian and half Sudanese - divorced her mother, and 2 years after, she lost her mother - who was a Nigerian - to an illness.

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Fatma Habashe
Anthony Jameson writes in the importance of investing on the girl-child Photo: Anthony Jameson
Source: UGC

Born in Saudi Arabia, Fatma Habashe was left in the hands of her grandmother who rough handled her. She was denied of the succulent, affectionate, and heart-warming care, deserving of kids. According to her, she can’t reverse the hands of time to enjoy her childhood and this is what inspires the work she does today with her NGO for children with an emphasis on females.

In an already gender-skewed society, Fatma Habashe was left to figure out life alone at age 4. Some nights, she cried until dawn, some other nights her thoughts got flooded with creative styles of committing suicide, she attempted suicide severally but never succeeded.

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Her childhood was ripped off her with the burden to take responsibility for her life in less than a decade of her existence on planet earth. Growing up under the tyrannical watch of her grandmother was very difficult, by some cultural practice, she got isolated from the rest of the world, was maltreated with no clue of the possibilities that abound in our world.

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Early child marriage is endemic especially in Emerging Economies, young girls for no fault of theirs are coerced into marriage even before they get to adolescent age, Fatma Habashe had her share of this ill practice. The waters got more dangerously stirred when she began to receive stern marriage proposals.

So many narratives accompanied each of these proposals, some came as threats, some came as persuasions, some came as a perceived rescue mission, but none of these deterred her from pursuing the mark she had set for herself. Her strong-willed nature kept her afloat from the noise generated by kinsmen and society

Our team gathered that she was coerced to accept the fatherhood of another fellow who wasn’t her biological father. The accumulation of her resistance to this coercion, her gender type, and the inexistence of a shoulder to cry on made life more miserable.

She built resilience, advocacy, and dignity under this hostile environment, and these are the traits sustaining the work she does today. The fact that despite the unfavorable childhood condition, Fatma Habashe embraced education puzzled us; she sacrificed leisure and luxury for it.

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Fatma Habashe had her primary school at the Chadian consulate, Jeddah in French language and Arabic. She attended high school at 19th Secondary School Girls’ high school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She is currently studying the psychology of criminal justice at the University of Queensland in Australia, virtually.

Habashe debut movie called “NANJALA” captured the interest of the world’s largest subscription-based media and entertainment company – Netflix. Acted in English, ‘NANJALA’ will be aired across cinemas all over the world in 2 months, where she played the role of a female character called “Jarih”.

Jarih in this movie represented a young ambitious girl who was deprived of tender love and education as against her brother who was lavished with luxuries; she got overwhelmed by her circumstance, went astray but later found her feet back.

Fatma Habashe is an actress, an artist, a model, an author, an inspirational speaker, an advocate for good governance, an advocate for the girl child and owns an NGO where she drives developmental initiatives across rural communities living below the poverty line. She identifies with the United Nations Development Goals. She is an active citizen with traceable imprints of civic participation.

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One of her earliest books was produced by an Egyptian publisher titled: Who does not love Fatma Habashe? She has multiple private businesses that sustain her philanthropy efforts as one entrepreneurially inclined.

Fatma Habashe music career was inspired by her advocacy for freedom of choice, association, and rights for people of all nations and colors.

She has 3 singles with over 500,000 downloads and has so many unreleased tracks in the pipeline, and has her songs made downloadable in iTunes, Spotify, etc. She is a globetrotter and has traveled to over 10 countries in two decades, inspiring hope and gathering the critical mass to expand the work she is doing across nations.

She is the founder of Habashe foundation where she leads a team of 12 to implement projects that cater to the girl child and downtrodden families in underserved communities. Fatma Habashe started the goodwill of helping people at the lower base of the pyramid and decided in the early months of 2021 to institute this passion, and this birthed Habashe foundation.

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She has so far exchanged value with numerous youths and youth organizations, she has received multiple awards for her philanthropy and social work, and her impeccable character stood her out from the crowd and attracted her to the team of the former vice president of Nigeria- Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. She has development affiliations with Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Dubai

With interest in outliers, our curiosity led us to make this independent research of this young ambitious lad. We hope this inspires the younger generation of females to keep their heads up and pursue greatness regardless of any circumstance.

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