Russia-Ukraine War: the US Sends 100 Switchblade Dubbed Killer Drones to Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine War: the US Sends 100 Switchblade Dubbed Killer Drones to Ukraine

  • The United States of America is said it is sending over 100 killer drones to Ukraine at the behest of President Volodymyr Zelensky
  • President Joe Biden approved the drones alongside a package of weapons to stop Putin's murderous troop
  • The drones are specially fitted to engage in aerial combat and target objects at 10 to 40 miles and can be used just once

Ukraine will, in the next few days take delivery of a number of weapons, courtesy, of the United States, one of its biggest supporters since the war with Russia began last month.

Among the parcel will be will 100 switchblade drones dubbed killer drones which were approved President Joe Biden earlier this month, CNBC said, quoting a US official.

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The United States have sent 100 killer drone to Ukraine Credit: Richard Newstead
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Zelensky's request granted

Assistant Secretary of Defence for International Security Affairs, Celeste Wallander, told lawmakers that Ukraine asked for the weapons, dubbed Kamikaze drones.

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Wallander said the US has committed about 100 Switchblade tactical UAVs to be sent in the most recent parcel of presidential approvals.

He said the US have heard the Ukrainians’ request and taken it very seriously.

John Kirby, spokesperson for the Pentagon told newsmen last week that the unmanned aerial vehicles will arrive in Ukraine soon, but declined to explain further.

The plan to equip Ukraine with a killer drone known as Switchblade came after President Volodymyr Zelensky requested US lawmakers to send additional military hardware.

The deployment of Switchblades in the against Russia could be the most important use of weapons in combat, as it is not clear how often the US military has used that particular drone in battle. This will also change the tone of the war especially as Ukraine also received ant-aircraft missiles from Germany last week.

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Germany, like other European counties have cut or drastically reduced economic relations with the Kremlin especially on gas supplies.

‘Kamikaze drones’ capabilities

There are two versions of the ‘killer drone’. The Switchblade 300 and the 600. It is not known which variant is being sent to Ukraine.

The 300 version is made to strike small targets. It can fit into a backpack and weighs a little more than 10 pounds and can fire up to 10 miles.

The 600 is made to destroy tanks and other amoured vehicles. It weighs a little above 120 pounds and can hit targets of more than 40 miles.

The drones are fitted with cameras, navigation systems and guided explosives. They can be auto programmed to hit targets that are miles away or can linger above a target until engaged by an operator.

Both variants' systems are destroyed after striking the needed target. They are single-use drones and are considered cheaper.

US, UK, Others Pile ‘Devastating’ Economic Pressure On Russia over the Invasion of Ukraine has reported that the United States President, Joe Biden on Thursday, February 24, 2022, unleashed what he calls a devastating set of sanctions against Russia for the brazen invasion of Ukraine.

Biden said the new sanctions will squeeze the Russian economy and, while it may not deter Putin, who has some allied countries, will force his people to call him to order and make him leave Ukraine.

According to Biden during a television address to Americans, said Putin chose the war as he has been building blood banks and hospitals across the border with Ukraine in preparation for the attack that has now claimed lives on both sides.


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