Police Arrest Groom On His Wedding Day

Police Arrest Groom On His Wedding Day

A 40-year old groom, Jacob Brookes, was charged to court on Thursday in southern Australia after being arrested at his own wedding when a church minister refused to perform the ceremony.

The Police were called to a Uniting Church in the suburbs of the city of Adelaide in February after the groom became upset at the minister’s refusal to carry out the wedding, saying the man was too drunk.

Brookes, a musician, who was charged with disorderly behavior and resisting arrest, denied doing anything wrong.

He told the court that he had his stag (bachelors) night before the wedding, but denied he was too drunk to go through with the marriage.


Brooks insisted “I only consume two beers and two shots of whiskey. “That’s not drunk”, he said.

Following the botched service, Brookes’ fiancé broke up with him but the 41-year-old is still hopeful of rekindling their relationship and winning his bride. “I miss her to bits … she’s always in my heart. I’ve been dreaming for days and days and days about her beautiful wedding dress and seeing her walking down the aisle,’ he said".

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