Yoruba Actor Aremu Afolayan Reveals Why He Prefers Older Women

Yoruba Actor Aremu Afolayan Reveals Why He Prefers Older Women

Yoruba movie actor Aremu Afolayan, younger sibling to filmmaker Kunle Afolayan, discloses why why he preferred to date older women.

Mr. Afolayan, who has recently married, describes his experience of dating younger ladies as not very successful, while older women are easier to be with, as they are experienced, straightforward and sincere in relationships.

"I love ladies that are older than me," he says. "It is my business, because I don't find the real love and happiness in the young ladies.

"Can you imagine a situation where I sleep with my girl now and she will go and sleep with one Yahoo boy or my daddy's friend again because she needs money?" Aremu queried in an interview.

"I have to follow someone who is not a girl, as they say, but a lady that is at least older than me. This is what I like. It is my life and not theirs. I owe no one any explanation. I can only explain to God and until He comes, I will continue," the actor added.

Addressing rumours that he is 'a gigolo,' he had this to say: "They say I am a gigolo? I owe no one any explanation for the way I live my life. They can criticise my film, but not my life.

"They said I dated rich women for money. I wish I am one because a gigolo doesn't get broke like this. If I am a gigolo, I won't sell my properties to do a film. I sold three of my cars to raise the money. I am not what people think I am."

In a previous interview, Mr. Afolayan was questioned about his wife, and whether she is 'much older' than him, as gossip would have it.

"People will always say what they want to say. I am not perturbed in any way. I don't care," the young man said. "If I had married a top politician's daughter, I am sure you will not be talking to me.

"My wife's family is not rich let alone my wife. I got married to somebody I wanted to get married to and not because of her wealth. I don't know why people say all they want to say."

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