Flavour says he is notready for marriage

Flavour says he is notready for marriage

In a recent interview, popular singer Flavour has revealed that he is not ready for marriage.

When asked the secret of his success, he said, "The secret of my success is originality. Right from day one, I knew that if I try to be original, the sky would be my limit. But I know it’s going to take some time before that dream would become a reality. This is because nothing good comes that easily. I work so hard to sound so original in my music. Right from when I released my first album, there has been a tremendous improvement in my music. And this time around, I had enough funds to do better videos which has distinguished my style from other artistes. Africans as a whole love originality, even though some might pretend about it . If you are original in whatever you are doing today coupled with being down-to- earth, you will get to anywhere you want to. That has been the secret of my success".

Speaking on where he gets inspiration from, he said, I draw my inspiration from people around me, especially things that happen around me I like when things go bad and when things go good because it doesn’t have to be good all the time


We asked about his proposal to his girlfriend, he replied:

People will always  talk  and turn around stories. But I am still single because marriage is not my priority for now. I  still want to hit the top before thinking about marriage. It’s not yet time. I am still concentrating on my music.

It was once rumoured that you were dating Tiwa Savage after doing a collaboration with her. Was it true?

I didn’t feel bad when I heard about the rumour because I knowpeople will always talk  even if we didn’t kiss. While shooting the music video, the director came to us and said, you guys are playing love scene, you need to do something intimate. He urged us  do it, and  I now looked  at Tiwa and she gave me a go ahead and I said ‘yes’ we can do it. There was nothing wrong with that. More over, we did music with passion.


Source: Legit.ng

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