Man Falls Off Building's 17th Floor, Lives To Tell The Story

Man Falls Off Building's 17th Floor, Lives To Tell The Story

A man who fell from a 131-ft (39.9m) balcony during a party and survived, tells his story.

Man Falls Off Building's 17th Floor, Lives To Tell The Story
Reyes survived a fall from 40 metres. Photo: Metro UK

Experts say that Sebastian Reyes survived to tell the tale is a miracle, one for which he should be thankful.

Reyes said: "I felt the fall, but nothing else. I woke up in hospital."

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According to Metro UK, it was a huge 40 metre fall from the 17th floor, a fall which included smashing through the roof of a parking unit. However, despite the massive fall, Reyes only suffered leg and pelvic fractures.

Reyes, who lives in Rancagua, Chile, credits the lucky escape to his tattoo.

The ink – on his forearm – reads: ‘God don’t abandon me’ or 'Dios no me abandones' in Spanish.

Reyes recalled earlier in the evening he had been watching a Copa America football game and headed to a club with friends.

They returned to the apartment after clubbing, where he fell from the balcony in the early hours, by Reyes’ memory is understandably foggy.

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He added: "I don’t remember, [I came back around] around 6.30am or 7.00am."

Below, watch the episode of Sebastian's landing:


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