Sustainable Fashion: 10 Impressive Crochet Designs by Nigerian Clothing Brand Elexiay

Sustainable Fashion: 10 Impressive Crochet Designs by Nigerian Clothing Brand Elexiay

Lagos-based brand, Elexiay, is a fast-rising brand gradually gaining recognition for its amazing and unique clothing designs as seen on Instagram.

Founded by Elyon Adede in 2018, the brand was created with an exclusive focus on one category; crochet.

Photos of pieces designed by Elexiay.
The brand is focused on making pieces through crochet. Photo credit: @elexiay
Source: Instagram

Crochet is a skill widely taught in many after-school programs. While for most ladies, it is a phase they often grow out of after a stint making hair scrunchies, hats, and handbags.

However, this was not the case for Adede, who turned her childhood pastime hobby into a lucrative business and it is simply amazing to see.

The ready-to-wear label is focused on honoring and preserving local artisanship while minimizing environmental impact. On the official Instagram page, Elexiay describes itself as "highlighting craftsmanship sustainably".

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In this article, has gathered ten fun and chic designs that are unarguably head-turners.

Check them out below:

1. This hot cutout dress

2. The Nwanne dress

In an interview with The Zoe Report, Adede whose workforce is exclusively women had this to say about making these designs:

"I decided to tailor every piece according to the beauty of each individual's body - every inch, every curve, for the everyday woman in whatever color, whatever style, whatever size she chooses."

3. Sestre in pink

4. An all-time favourite custom piece

5. Halterneck top with a dash of extraness

6. This adorable mini bag

7. The Elley set

8. Crop top for the win!

9. This bag made of cotton yarn

10. These two-piece outfit on Adede

Upcycled fashion

There is nothing as beautiful as taking one's environment into consideration when jumping on fashion trends and this is something that fashion blogger, Winnie Ahupa, does so effortlessly.

The Abuja-based style enthusiast is big on upcycled fashion and we are totally here for the eco-friendly fashion lover!

To 'upcycle' is to take something already made and then improve upon it, or turn it into a fresh item.

This means that you're not seeking out new, raw materials to start from scratch. It means older clothes remain in circulation rather than heading to landfills.


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