Harmonize - Hainistui: audio, lyrics, reactions

Harmonize - Hainistui: audio, lyrics, reactions

The new modern banger by Harmonize ushers in 2020 perfectly, and, hopefully, it is first of many 2020 hits from the performer. Listen to the fresh song by Harmonize - Hainistui and voice your opinions about this track.

This Tanzanian musician always delivers the catchiest tracks. This time, he decided to start the new year with a bang by releasing this fresh hit.

Harmonize - Hainistui description

  • Release date: January 3, 2020
  • Format: Audio
  • Genre: Bongo Flava, Afropop
  • Length: 2:54 minutes
  • Label: Konde Music Worldwide
  • Produced by: Hunter

The new year is always a good time for new beginnings, and Harmonize knows it. On the third day of 2020, "Konde Boy", as his fans call him, shared his brand new single. After the release of his popular track "Kushoto Kulia", fans' expectations were high, and he once again proved that he is capable of making a hit song.

The track was produced by Hunter and released on behalf of Konde Music Worldwide, the label that the musician is signed to (and that is also his own). It was made in the usual Bongo Flava style that he works with, together with some Afropop tunes. "Hainistui" translates to "It does not scare/frighten me".

The cover for his new release was made in an artsy style. There is still no music video for his latest creation, but fans are anticipating one. On his Instagram, the artist shared his 'motto' for 2020 - " Different Year Same Energy", which applies to the music that he is planning to share this year.

Harmonize - Hainistui reviews and comments

Harmonize - Hainistui reactions
Image: facebook.com, @Harmonize255
Source: Facebook

There are a lot of fans that are satisfied with Harmonize's new track and its catchy melody. The comment section on YouTube mostly consists of grateful admirers who praise his work in Swahili. You can also find occasional comments in English.

Even though the majority of reactions are positive, some people think that "Konde Boy" needs more originality in his beats, as they resemble some tracks by other artists' songs, such as Mr Nice's "King'asti".

  • Chandiru Chandiru: Konde boy forever
  • Abdi Marti: Konde boy never disappoints
  • Erick Mwiti: My best artist... Keep up entertaining us, Mr Konde Boy!
  • Vanessa V Aisha: Wow cool song brother
  • Luke Malcolm: That's why I love u Harmonize. Go, papa

Instagram followers mostly send the performer their love through the fire emoji.

Harmonize - Hainistui lyrics

Harmonize - Hainistui lyrics
Image: facebook.com, @Harmonize255
Source: Facebook

Learning this song's lyrics would be nice if you are planning to party to it.

Yao yao, hahaha Jeshi

(Young legendary)

Yii Kondeboy

Eeh! Hainistui! (3x)

Hapa nilipo kesho yangu sijui

Konde wenzako watakuroga(Hainishtui)

Au na wewe ushaogaa(Hainishtui)

Maana hunaga uoga(Hainishtui)

Hapa nilipo kesho yangu sijui

Eeeh leo nimepata kesho nimekosa

Kazi ya Mola haina makosa

Huyu kampa boda mwingine verosa

Vuta subira ngoja Mungu ajakutosa

Majungu na fitina naaa naa

Zigeuze changamotoo

Maneno muachie Amina naaa naa

Dawa ya moto ni motoo

(Oooh nananaaaah)

Wapo walosema Konde atapotea

Konde atapotea

Ndege katia gia chombo iyo inapepea

Chombo inapepea

Mi ninakula kwa jasho ooh-ooh

Nipatacho naridhika

Ninasubiri kesho ooh-ooh

Zamu yangu itafika

Nenda waambie, kwamba

Eeh! Hainistui! (3x)

Hapa nilipo kesho yangu sijui

Ah wenzako wanakuchukia(Hainistui!)

Tena wamepanga kukubania(Hainistui!)

Isitoshe wao ni matajiri(Hainistui!)

Usijali we tumia tu akili(Hainistui!)

Hapa nilipo kesho yangu sijui

Yii! Sinaga sifa za kujisifu najua

Kila kukicha kwa Mungu naomba dua

Hustle nazidisha ili nizidi tusua

Wakinifunika kesho nitawafunua

Tena waambie eeh eeeh

Mchanga hauzikwi

Unaubadilisha makazi

Huwezi ziba riziki

Bure utajipa kazii

Mi niinakula kwa jasho ooh-ooh

Nipatacho naridhika

Ninasubiri kesho ooh-ooh

Zamu yangu itafika

Nenda waambie, kwamba

Eeh! Hainistui! (3x)

Hapa nilipo kesho yangu sijui

Mwana anakula tungi mbayaa(Hainishtui)

Yule dada anadanga, malaya(Hainishtui)

Ataishi pabaya(Hainishtui)

Hapa nilipo kesho yangu sijui


(The mix killer)

Inauma ila itabidi wazoee

Inauma ila itabidi wazoee

Wakimuona dodo na chopa

Inauma ila itabidi wazoee

Eeeh siku izi KondeGang wanatuogopa

Inauma ila itabidi wazoee

Oooh my God its Better Sound

Hunter, hahahaha…

Kwako mwalimu kashasha...

Harmonize - Hainistui download

To download the hit, use the link provided below:

  • Download on mdundo.com

We hope that the performer will add links to his new song on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, or other popular platforms soon. This way, his fans can enjoy the fresh track.

What do you think about the new banger by Harmonize - Hainistui? Do you like the melody and the lyrics, or perhaps you think the musician could use some improvement? Let us know your opinion in the comment section. Do not forget to share the article with your friends so they can listen to this fresh tune.

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