Lori Harvey bio: age, biological father, boyfriend

Lori Harvey bio: age, biological father, boyfriend

The young and beautiful model Lori Harvey is known to be Steve Harvey's daughter, who he adopted after marrying her mother. However, there are a lot of interesting things about her that are not related to her dad. What is the story of this girl, and what are the most exciting facts about her life?

Lori Harvey
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Steve Harvey daughter Lori occasionally makes headlines for various reasons. Lately, the media has been interested in her dating life. However, there is much more to this lady than meets the eye. At her young age, she is already an inspiration to many.

Lori Harvey profile summary

  • Birthday: January 13, 1997
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches (1 m 60 cm)
  • Nationality: American
  • Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
  • Occupation: Model, social media celebrity
  • Parents: Marjorie Elaine (mother), Steve Harvey (stepfather), Donnell Woods (biological father)
  • Siblings: Brandi, Karli, Broderick, Wynton, Morgan, and Jason

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Lori Harvey father and family life

The model was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Not much is known about her young life, but a lot of people are interested in the Lori Harvey biological father mystery. It is known that the ex-husband of her mother, Marjorie, was Jim L. Townsend, who later wrote memories about his life in prison and marriage. However, he went to jail way before she was born, so he is not her biological father.

Lori Harvey's biological father is widely considered to be Donnell Woods, the man who her mother got together with after her split with Jim L. Townsend. Still, it is unknown whether the young model is in touch with Woods nowadays. She considers herself to be Steve Harveys daughter and appreciates how much he is involved in her life.

The mother of Lori Harvey Marjorie Elaine Harvey, who is also known under the name Marjorie Bridges-Woods, is a fashion designer, stylist, and blogger. Her famous stepfather Steve is a comedian, TV host, and well-known media personality.

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She also has six siblings. Brandi, Karli, Broderick, and Wynton are from her stepfather's previous marriages, and Morgan and Jason are her biological siblings on her mother's side.

Lori Harvey parents treat all of their kids as their own, without using the term "stepchildren".

How old is Lori Harvey?

Lori Harvey birthday is January 13, 1997, and her star sign is Capricorn. This means Lori Harvey age is 22 years old, and she has already established herself as a public personality at such a young age.

Lori Harvey college and career

Who is Lori Harvey?
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The bright young girl grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She was a student at Atlanta High School and later moved to Florida to pursue further education. Not much is known about her college life.

It is known, however, that she had one serious hobby during her teenage years, which was horse riding. She showed a lot of enthusiasm in various equestrian competitions and earned several medals. She even planned to participate in the Olympics. It was an unlucky back injury that put an end to this career.

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Since then, she decided to pursue modeling. As a child, she took part in a few advertisement campaigns. Nowadays, she has a contract with Select Model Management in Europe and LA Models in the United States. She has had a few incredible opportunities to walk at the Met Gala and Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows as well as Paris and Milan fashion weeks. She also represents such brands as Chanel and Hermes.

In her interview with BET, Lori confessed that she considers herself a non-traditional model. She said that her presence on the runways is opening a door for models of a new generation, who are not all super tall and skinny but look more like her instead. She also added that there is not a lot of colour in the fashion industry, so she also wants to inspire non-white women to pursue their careers if they want to become a part of this business.

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Lori Harvey net worth

Lori Harvey Steve Harvey
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According to the website famousbirthsdeaths.com, the net worth of this model is estimated to be $750,000.

Lori Harvey boyfriend and her dating history

The beautiful runway star has had a few romances, and most of her ex-boyfriends are also famous. Her fans have even seen Lori Harvey engaged once. Here are some of her most prominent connections.

  • Memphis Depay. At the age of 20, the gorgeous model got engaged to the Dutch footballer Memphis Depay, who she seemed to be deeply in love with. Lori's famous stepfather approved of their romance and called Memphis a "good one". However, the anticipated Lori Harvey wedding never happened as this fairytale did not last long. The two split up without a lot of media coverage, and the reasons for their breakup are still unclear.
  • Trey Songz. After her split with Memphis, the media noticed her hanging out with the R&B star Trey Songz. She even decided to end all the rumours by posting a romantic photo of her and Trey on Instagram. Lori Harvey Trey Songz relationship also did not last, and a few months later, Trey posted a picture of his newborn son from another woman on Instagram, which Lori congratulated him on. This means that Lori Harvey and Trey Songz most likely are in good terms.
  • Meek Mill. Lori Harvey Meek Mill romance was a hot topic in the media, but the rapper revealed that there was nothing between them. As he confessed, he had a crush on her but did not want to pursue her out of respect for his friend Trey Songz. The rumours started after Meek Mill mentioned the attractive model in his song "Going Bad," saying that he "got her on his wish list." Later, he changed the verse and "took her off his wish list."
  • Justin Combs. There was an alleged Lori Harvey Justin Combs romance, which they never confirmed. However, the two were spotted hanging out together. Justin Combs is the son of Sean Combs, who is better known as P Diddy.
  • Diddy. The media were astounded to hear the rumours about the ex-girlfriend of Justin Combs dating his dad. After people found out the news, they began posting a lot of jokes and memes about Justin and his father dating the same girl. Lori Harvey and Diddy's relationship was confirmed by his other son, Christian Combs, who said that they prefer keeping things private. The two were spotted on their summer vacation in Italy, and the runway star even introduced her new boyfriend to her parents. The fling between Diddy and the lovely young model ended not so long ago, as she unfollowed him on Instagram.
  • Future. The model reportedly had a fling with the rapper Future in 2018. Now, the rumours about them reigniting their romance are coming back. The two recently posted similar shots from Malibu on their Instagram, and people began speculating about them spending time together. This was not so long before Lori got arrested for a hit-and-run as she bumped into a parked car and fled the scene. Her driving incident was what made the media talk about her lately.

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Lori Harvey is a fun person and, without a doubt, a talented model. This gorgeous lady has an active and eventful life going on.

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