How to insert PDF into Word: a simple tutorial

How to insert PDF into Word: a simple tutorial

Word and PDF are the most used document formats in either formal or informal settings. If you have been wondering how to insert PDF into Word, then you have come to the right place. These are the steps that will help you accomplish this.

how to insert PDF into Word
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Imagine you wish to send some documents to your clients or your boss. However, the documents are in both PDF (Portable Document Format) and Word formats. Instead of sending a lot of attachments in just one email, it is easier to make it one. This makes it really easy for the recipient to read them if they are like this. Here is a simple tutorial on how to insert PDF into Word.

How to insert PDF into Word

The first and easiest way to insert/merge PDF would be doing it straight from your computer without additional apps. What you will need to do is:

  • Open a blank document. If you wish to insert it to an already existing file, then just use the existing one.
  • Go to the insert menu. Here you will find the Object button on the top right corner of your screen

inserting a PDF into Word
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  • Once you click on this, it will give you different options on what to pick. Choose the Adobe Acrobat Document you need to insert.
  • If you want to display the Portable Document Format file, check "Display as icon". Leaving this option unchecked will mean that the first page of the document will be displayed.
  • Once this is done, just click 'OK'. Your file will already have been inserted.
  • If you now wish to open the file, just go ahead and double click it and the file will open.

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If you wish to use 3rd parties to aid you in this process, then here are two highly rated ones that you can use:

  1. — It is the website for all your PDF needs and questions. It is a paid site, but you do get a free trial period once you start. They also have a blog that shows users how to use the site and has answers to the most frequently asked questions on this topic.
  2. PDFelement — This app is one that helps with any and all PDF-related needs that you may have. It helps create, edit, convert and sign such documents on Windows and Mac. The reviews on it are quite good.

How to copy PDF page to Word

copy PDF page to Word
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We all know how to copy texts from one document to another. It is usually as simple as highlighting the selected texts or paragraphs, right-clicking and choosing "copy", going to the other document, right-clicking again and choosing "paste". In most cases, especially when copying and pasting, the process is usually very simple and straightforward, especially if it is between two Word documents.

However, when it comes to copying from Portable Document Format to Word, the process becomes a bit tricky. Following the steps above in most cases will lead to the text being copied on to Word with line breaks/half sentences. If you wish to be able to copy the file without the line breaks, follow the next steps:

  • Copy the texts from the Portable Document Format page as you normally would and then paste it on to Word.
  • The texts shall appear with line breaks as usual. Highlight and choose the text in question.
  • On Windows, press CTRL + H, on Mac, press CMD + H.
  • This will open a small window titled "Find and Replace". Choose the replace option and scroll down to "special".
  • Click on this, and you will see the paragraph mark. Click on that and say "replace all". Do not let it search the remainder of the article as this will cause changes to more than what is required. Once you are done, the paragraph/page from the PDF will no longer have line breaks or half sentences. It will be one paragraph/page as required.

This is a simple tutorial showing you ways on how to insert PDF into Word. We hope that this makes life much easier for you.

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