Daddy Yankee net worth, age, height, real name, death rumors

Daddy Yankee net worth, age, height, real name, death rumors

Daddy Yankee is a famous singer with Latin American motifs. What is Daddy Yankee net worth, and what do we know about him? Read on to find out the most interesting facts about the artist.

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A lot of people dance to his songs and video clips reach thousands of millions of views. He built a successful business empire on the love of rhythmic and fiery melodies and big talent, of course.

Daddy Yankee net worth and bio

Daddy Yankee's real name is Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez. He was born on February 3, 1977, in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, but he spent his childhood and youth in Villa Kennedy. As a child, the future musician dreamed of becoming a famous baseball player. He was a good player and dreamed of getting into the big leagues, but fate played a low-down trick. At the age of 17, the young man severely injured his leg, so he had to say goodbye to his dream. It was after the accident that he completely devoted his whole life to it. He chose reggaeton.

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At first, Ramon Louis was a DJ. After a while, his music was used with bold recitative. Then the young man poured into this path, tried to release himself as a hip-hop artist. His debut was in 2002, which immediately gained wide popularity in the musician`s homeland. Less than a year later, the singer managed to release a second album, thanks to which the whole learned about him.

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Fans gave their idol a name that repeats the name of one of the songs King Daddy. Since then, his popularity has increased, but under the stage name Daddy Yankee. At first, he was offered to appear in commercials for famous brands and world popular companies like Pepsi. All this time, the performer pleased his fans with new tracks.

In his compositions, you can hear everything, from the tragic romantic themes to the social and everyday comments about life. His unique style became the most popular dance music and an integral part of the clubs.

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His albums are sold with high speed, and in the United States reached more than one and a half million copies. The musician won the World Grammy Award and starred in the film Talento de Barrio in 2008. Thanks to the support of his fans and own achievements Yankee successfully created and became head of Los Cangris Inc. and El Cartel Records. Daddy Yankee net worth is estimated at $30 million.

Separately, it should be said about his clips. They are considered particularly vivid and memorable. Hot Latin women in sеxy clothes, expensive sports and retro cars, bold movements, bright colours — all these cannot leave everyone indifferent.

Daddy Yankee interesting facts

He is a famous person, so many people would like to know the answers to the questions like "How old is Daddy Yankee today?" or "How tall is Daddy Yankee?". There is a list of answers to the most asked questions about him:

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  • Daddy Yankee age. Now he is 42 years old.
  • What is Daddy Yankee's real name? He is Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez.
  • How much is Daddy Yankee worth? His net worth is $30 million.
  • Personal life. At the age of 17, the musician got married to Mirredys Gonzalez. They have 3 children: 2 daughters (Jesaaelys Marie and Yamilette Rodriguez) and 1 son (Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez).
  • Despacito. On January 12, 2017, the duo of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee had released the song Despacito, which immediately took the first place in the music charts in many countries. The official clip, later published on YouTube, in a short time gained more than 6 billion views.
  • Awards and achievements. The musician has won 82 awards from 270 nominations.
  • Daddy Yankee dead. It is a complete hoax.
  • Activities outside the scene. The appearance of the musician is quite unusual. That is why he is often invited to appear for brand advertising campaigns. He is also a part of the Reebok team, releasing his own line of clothing, together with their label.
  • Height. 170.2 centimetres or 5 feet 7 inches.
  • Tattoos. Daddy Yankee has tattoos on the shoulders and forearms.
  • Fashion style. Previously, he looked like a gangster, was wearing chains, dark clothes, sunglasses, an abundance of jewellery. Today, he strives for greater conciseness, elegance and conformity with modern fashion. Nevertheless, one can see on him a bright hoodie, black velvet jackets and light T-shirts.

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To date, Daddy Yankee net worth is incredible, and the musician is one of the most famous performers in the genre of reggaeton and his songs have an incredible rhythm and catchy melody.

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