Iyanna Mayweather biography and personal life

Iyanna Mayweather biography and personal life

How much do you know about Iyanna Mayweather? Iyanna Mayweather has already become a famous figure in social media. Who are her parents? What is known about her personal life? Read to find the answers!

Iyanna Mayweather

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Iyanna Mayweather is one of the representatives of a new generation breed by celebrities. The problem is that being a child of famous parents requires adherence to many rules. Moreover, one always has to hide from thousands of cameras, waiting all around to make a shot that will become a sensation, when you less expect it.

In this article, you will find the most exciting facts about Iyanna Mayweather biography and personal life.

Iyanna Mayweather bio

Iyanna Mayweather bio

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She seems to be too young to start her independent flight. In spite of her age, this young lady is very ambitious. She learned a lot about fighting from her father and how to be an independent woman from her mother. At present, she does not work. However, she has grand plans for her future!

Do you already know Iyanna Mayweather age? Still no?

How old is Iyanna Mayweather and what is her height

Iyanna Mayweather was born on May 20, 2000, in Las Vegas, situated in Nevada, the USA. At present, the girl is 18 years old.

While looking through her pictures on social media, one may ask a question: “What is Iyanna Mayweather height?”. She looks so tiny when she takes photographs with tall guys. In fact, Iyanna is 150 centimetres high (4 feet and 11 inches).

Iyanna Mayweather siblings

She has a half-brother Devion Cromwell from her mother’s side, two half-brothers (Zion and Koraun) and one half-sister (Jirah) from her father’s side.

Iyanna Mayweather brothers and sister

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Education of Iyanna

Iyanna finished school when she was just 15 years old.

At the age of 18, she received her diploma certificate. One could not miss such a great event because the girl posted some pictures after the ceremony on her Instagram.

Iyanna seems to be the favourite child for her father. He regularly makes some astonishing presents to his little daughter. Among her previous luxurious gifts were Mercedes 550 S-Class and G-Class. She got them for the 14th birthday party as well as music performance from Justin Bieber.

Later, for her “sweet 16 birthday party”, Iyanna got another ravishing event that was run by Future and Drake.

For the 18th birthday, Iyanna received a ring with a ravishing diamond.

The girl could not stop admiring it and shared her excitement with fans on social media profile.

Who are Iyanna Mayweather parents

Iyanna Mayweather parents

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This beautiful young girl is a daughter of Floyd Mayweather and Melissa Brim.

Floyd Mayweather is a world-famous boxing star and promoter who comes from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is considered to be the best defensive boxer in history. One could even say that he is a child who came out of fighting dynasty, as his father and uncle dealt with the same activity either.

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But who is Iyanna Mayweather mother? How did her parents manage to meet each other? Melissa Brim is currently known as an entrepreneur. She owns Devanna Love Boutique and Beauty Bar, set in Las Vegas.

Their love story with Iyanna’s father seems to be a scene from a romantic movie. In the interview, published by ozy.com, Melissa Brim tells that they got acquainted in Las Vegas. She was just 16 years old and worked at the Rio Hotel and Casino. One day, her friend said her there was a man who wanted to see her. They got acquainted. However, first, the boy introduced himself as “Shaheed” and asked for her telephone number. The matter of such action was his desire to check whether she would pay attention to his name at all. Later, he called and told the truth. His real name was Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr.

This acquaintance turned her life upside down: Floyd made Melissa feel her natural beauty for real, he showed that she such an attractive girl deserved all the best: clothes, gifts, and endless attention. Since those times, she started to show interest in fashion and dreamt that one day it would become a part of her life.

However, one should notice that their relationship was not so straightforward and simple as it might seem at first glance. This young lady was already the mother of a boy when she met Floyd. The boxer also had children with his baby mama Josie Harris.

Melissa got pregnant but still had to continue her work as a maid.

You will be shocked, but after a baby girl saw the world her parents did not see each other for five years! When the relationships of Floyd with his ex-love saw their end, he called Melissa again and apologised. From that moment, they became good friends and co-partners in upbringing their daughter.

In 2009, Melissa left service in the hotel and established her private boutique. Its name is a compound of the names of her two children – Devion and Iyanna – Devanna.

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Speaking about the biography of any celebrity even so young as Iyanna, one can not avoid asking a question about her personal life.

Ianna Mayweather personal life

It is evident that being popular on social media attracts thousands of followers. But does it help to find real love? Iyanna is an amiable girl. However, until recent times, there was no public evidence that the girl was involved in any relationships. Her desire to build a career seemed to be more evident. One could see this lady got interested in fashion a lot. She placed many posts on Instagram.

A few months ago, one could hear the rumours about the relationships of Iyanna and NBA YoungBoy. They have found the visual confirmation after the boy placed a post on his Instagram.

The two beloved halves celebrated St. Valentine’s Day together. Moreover, the musician mentioned the girl in his latest song, in which he called her “the athlete’s daughter.”

At present, Iyanna Mayweather tries herself as a social media personality on different platforms. Her posts have thousands of followers. Moreover, one could see her attempts to become a rapper. You might hear her performance under the stage name Moneyyaya. In October 2018, one could see the girl to release her music video for the song “Oh Okay Remix” on YouTube.

To conclude, we want to wish Iyanna Mayweather great luck and success in her career. Without a doubt, one day we will see this girl to hit the world as her father did!

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