How to eat avocado the right way

How to eat avocado the right way

Avocado is an incredibly healthy and tasty fruit. A lot has been written about its properties, but very few people know how to eat avocado in the right way. Besides, it is necessary to know the products it can be combined with.

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What is an avocado?

Perseus American is a type of evergreen fruit plants of the laurel family. Their flesh is saturated with vitamins and minerals. This is a wonderful fruit, with a very high-calorie rating.

Useful properties of avocado

This fruits contain lots of protein and carbohydrates and is a rich source of potassium and magnesium. There are lots of biologically active vitamins in avocado such as:

  • C
  • E
  • B

Baocopherol (vitamin E) helps supply our body's tissues with oxygen; it is also a natural antioxidant.

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Avocado is a formidable opponent of cholesterol, a substance that causes some cardiovascular diseases; its nutritional value exceeds meat and eggs. Vegetable fat contained in avocados is mostly monounsaturated fatty acids that have a positive effect on the health of the heart and blood vessels, normalizing cholesterol.

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Avocado pulp can be put into different dishes and seasonings:

  • sauces
  • mashed potatoes
  • creams
  • spaghetti

How to eat avocado the right way

How to eat avocado
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Take the fruit and wash the skin. Use a sharp knife to cut the flesh around the the fruit (it is better to cut it lengthwise). When you stumble on a hard seed, do not try to cut it. The flesh is easy to separate from the stone.

Carefully remove the stone from the flesh, take a teaspoon and scrape the flesh from the rind, having previously drawn cubes or plates with it. Craftsmen sometimes cut the pieces with a knife first (so that they are equally flat afterward), and then scrape the flesh with a spoon.

If you are planning to cook a dish with avocado, know that the product loses its color very quickly and becomes dark, so leave the processing of the fruit at the very last moment of cooking. Also, the pulp can be sprinkled with lemon juice, then it will not oxidize so quickly, and the lemon will give a special touch to the almost tasteless fruit.

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Do you want to create an exquisite dish that your whole family will eat with pleasure - do not be afraid to experiment with avocados!

How to choose avocados

How to eat avocado in a right way
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Buying avocados for the first time - you always run the risk, because you don't know what a ripe avocado looks like. And you can purchase either an under-ripe or over-ripe fruit.

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The pulp of ripe avocado resembles softened butter. Check ripeness easily with a teaspoon. If the pulp is easy to remove with a spoon, then the fruit is ripe. If it is hard or, on the contrary, too soft, then you will not feel the real taste of avocado. But this method of verification can be implemented, already making a purchase.

How to choose avocados in the store

You need to press on the avocado with your finger lightly. The fruit would give way to your pressure and squeeze a little, but after a few seconds, return to its former state.

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Health benefits of avocado pear

  1. The high content of potassium in avocados contributes to the strengthening and normalization of the human cardiovascular system (heart, blood vessels), and also helps to lower blood pressure when used regularly (useful for hypertensive patients).
  2. Avocado oleic acid, which is part of the fruit, contributes to the breakdown of harmful cholesterol in human blood and also prevents the formation and accumulation of new.
  3. Avocado is also useful for the digestive system, contributes to the normalization of digestion, and even for medicinal purposes avocados are used for constipation, gastritis, and gastric and duodenal ulcers.
  4. Avocados are good for the liver due to the content of vitamin B6, which helps to normalize the work of this organ.
  5. Vitamin E contained in the pulp of avocado has a beneficial effect on the skin, that's why this fruit is so popular among women.
  6. Avocados are used for edemas, as this fruit helps to remove excess fluid from the human body.
  7. Due to its high protein content, avocado is suitable for vegetarians.

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How to eat avocado fruit daily

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If you have the opportunity to eat avocados daily, be sure to take advantage of it. But do not forget that everything is good in moderation. Avocados are high-calorie fruit and those losing weight should not eat more than one fruit per day.

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