Beautiful mermaid wedding dresses in Nigeria

Beautiful mermaid wedding dresses in Nigeria

Each bride-to-be plans to buy the most charming dress and to look irresistible on her long-awaited day. Beautiful mermaid wedding dresses in Nigeria are the most popular among other. The bride in this outfit looks extremely effective, as the dress favorably emphasizes all the dignity of the figure. Keep reading our post to get inspired!

Beautiful mermaid wedding dresses in Nigeria
Amazing mermaid wedding dresses
Source: UGC

Pictures of beautiful wedding dresses of the described style will make any girl a fairy-tale character.

Mermaid dress for a white wedding

Many people think that dresses cut "mermaid" or "fishtail" are the recent invention. In fact, it is not so. This style came into fashion during the time of Queen Victoria. But since the style isn`t the most practical, in due course the silhouette "fishtail" passed into the category of evening style.

Beautiful mermaid wedding dresses aren`t the recent invention
This style came into fashion during the time of Queen Victoria
Source: UGC

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The most common wedding dress is mermaid one with a lush skirt. In this case, the skirt can be detachable. One of the options - the usual dress case to the middle of the thigh, along with the hem of which is sewn a multilayered skirt cut like the sun.

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Mermaid wedding
Mermaid wedding dresses with a skirt like the sun
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When sewing this version of the dress, a combination of fabrics is used very often, that is, the material of the top and skirt are different. A majestic wedding mermaid dress sewn with a train will make you look like a real princess.

Mermaid wedding dresses for every woman
Mermaid dresses
Source: UGC

But the most interesting and, at the same time, a practical version of the dress is the 'transformer' style. In this outfit, the skirt is a removable part. After the end of the solemn part of the event, the bride can unfasten the lush skirt and stay in a tight-fitting dress.

The skirt may be detachable
The main feature of the mermaid wedding dress is a lush skirt
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Bridal gowns in Nigeria with open back look hot, but this option is suitable only if the bride has perfect posture and good skin. Openwork inserts instead of provocative notches on the back or chest look very nice and modest.

Incredible top of the mermaid gowns
Mermaid wedding dress with fully open top
Source: UGC

Mermaid dresses for traditional wedding

Mermaid style is very often chosen by the brides for traditional weddings, and they look no less gorgeous as the white dresses. Traditional dresses in Nigeria have bright colours and vibrant design. However, the style is pretty the same. Also, the bride wears gele on the head. It`s the main feature of a traditional wedding gown. The dress can be sewn with any fabric, but more often it is lace and satin.

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Traditional mermaid wedding dresses
Traditional mermaid wedding dresses in Nigeria
Source: UGC

Traditional lace mermaid dress emphasizes the grace of young girls, and older ladies are given elegance. The most common option is a dress on straps or with open shoulders. The open back looks hot as well.

Traditional design is more often two-layer: the base is dense fabric, and the lace is on the top. Usually, they trim the hem or the entire wedding toilet. It looks elegant with a long train. Courageous brides like the option of translucent lace.

Beautiful mermaid wedding dresses with open top
Mermaid wedding dresses with open back
Source: UGC

Another traditional option is the "fishtail" silhouette dress with sleeves. Their length can be varied, but the conceptual value of the image remains unchanged: it becomes more modest, more serious, more mature and stricter than those who dare to look at it. Be sure: in this dress, all guest would not be able to take their eyes off you.

The length and shape of the skirt can also be totally different. So, you can make it short in front, but long behind, or vice versa.

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Turquoise mermaid dress
Mermaid wedding dress with long sleeves, photo from
Source: Depositphotos

Brides experiment with colour very often. Most often these are very modest experiments, including only the transition from white to beige, ivory or golden colors, which is not particularly noticeable and usually doesn't play a significant role for the bride. However, the more traditional models are more bright, mostly turquoise, blue, green, pink, etc. Here any bride will find a variant suitable for her. There are many colors that are in trend this year, from pastel to dark options.

Beautiful traditional mermaid wedding dresses
Mermaid gentle wedding dresses
Source: UGC

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Secrets of how to choose the most suitable mermaid style

Mermaid dress tightly fits the figure, emphasizing the lines of the chest, waist, and hips. Therefore, many believe that only girls with perfect forms can wear such an outfit. Actually, this isn`t true.

Nigerian mermaid wedding dresses
Mermaid wedding dresses for real fashionistas
Source: UGC

Variety of mermaid dresses
Mermaid wedding dress for every bride
Source: UGC

Beautiful mermaid dresses for the different figures
Mermaid wedding dresses for delicious figures
Source: UGC
  • The diagonal draperies of the skirt and V-neck can help to mask heavy hips.
Happy wedding day!
Beautiful mermaid wedding
Source: UGC

Choosing a wedding dress is far from easy. Many people spend a week to do it. Others are in search for months. It is not surprising, because every bride wants to look great on this day, and therefore everything should be perfect. Especially the dress.

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We examined the most popular styles of modern mermaid wedding gowns for you. Now it's your turn to make a choice to be the most gorgeous bride ever. Be happy on your wedding day and be so the entire life.

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