Airtel self service code: How to get the call details (2022)

Airtel self service code: How to get the call details (2022)

Do you know how to see the history of your phone calls from last month? Are you new to using Airtel SIM card and you haven’t had enough time to learn how to get this important information? There are so many reasons why you need to know it, so here comes a guide on how to get my Airtel number call details.

Airtel self service code
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Personally, I always forget my number call details, especially when I have a busy day or need to figure out which number I need to call back or who called me two days ago or last month. I have several SIM cards, and it is difficult to keep in mind the numbers history.

Luckily, there is an easy way how to know my Airtel number call details. You will love to find out how quickly and simple everything is.

My Airtel number call history

The ways of knowing your Airtel number calls are numerous. Here are the three most popular methods:

  • Using Airtel website services
  • Using your smartphone
  • Via customer care

Using the phone is absolutely quicker, but you will need to have it in your hands with Airtel SIM inserted. There is no need to worry about having an active internet connection when you want to get your Airtel number call details right on your device. This is absolutely free of charge, but you can easily find the number you have dialed or who called you within the day or a couple of days before.

In other words, if you need fresh information and only the phone numbers (without duration of the call or exact time of the call), you can look it up on your device, which keeps your history of calls in settings. Below we will discuss other methods of figuring it out and getting your history from the previous month, previous year or a particular month.

How to get my Airtel number call details 2 methods

How to know my Airtel number details

Method 1. Through Airtel website

Since you are using Airtel carrier, you can enjoy the online services offered by this company in Nigeria. There is the site with different information about the tariff plans, subscription options and there is an additional Airtel Self Care portal you can use:

  • Step 1. You need to have a handset connected to Airtel network with mobile internet or a computer with an active internet connection.
  • Step 2. Visit the Airtel Self Care portal through this link
How to get my Airtel number call details Self Care Portal
  • Step 3. You need to Log In if you have already registered with this system or Sign Up if you are a new client and do not have an account yet. You will have to enter ‘My Airtel number’ (this should work for postpaid users, although prepaid customers can also give it a try) and a password. Don’t worry if you don’t have a passcode. You can ask the system to send you One Time Password, and you’ll be good to use the service afterwards.
  • Step 4. You will be forwarded to your online account that contains all the information and details about your device, data plan, tariff prices, etc.
  • Step 5. Find the option that says ‘View bill’ and click on it. It is located right under your account number and bill amount.

How to get my Airtel number call details PDF
  • Step 6. You will see all your bills that are organized by month and year. And next to each bill, there is a PDF icon which you need to click on once you decide what month’s call history you are interested to know. The PDF file you click on will automatically download to your computer.
  • Step 7. Open the PDF file you have just downloaded. It has the information about your charges and details about all your outgoing calls with dates and conversation duration. This part of the document is called ‘Your Itemised Statement.’

Here you will see all Airtel numbers you have called yourself and other carrier mobile numbers as well.

How to get my Airtel number call details USSD codes

Method 2. Customer care

Sometimes prepaid Airtel customers cannot find a quick way how to know my Airtel number call details online. In case you do not receive your monthly Itemised bills at the end of the billing period (month), you can try a different method of getting this information for your prepaid Airtel number.

If the customer care is capable of providing you with the call details, you will have to prove that this is your phone number. The service can cost you some money. You might be able to receive your own phone number call details by email after paying what is required to be paid.

Method 3. USSD code

Some users also note that you can receive your personal call details through USSD code:


This is the example of the text message to be sent to the quick number 121, where MAY can be replaced by any other month name in MMM format and email is your Airtel email ID. This can work for your outgoing call history only. Most network providers keep their clients’ call history for up to 6 months – 1 year. This means that you might not be able to receive information about your outgoing calls from 2-3 years ago.

Use our guides, and you will see your Airtel number call history within seconds or several hours.


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