Best motivational books of all time

Best motivational books of all time

We all know that knowledge and books that provide this knowledge are a true source of wisdom. Books educate us, they help us become so much better, and they definitely motivate us for new achievements, growth and personal development. Below you will find a selection of some of the best motivational books ever written.

Best motivational books of all time

Whenever you feel down or start to lose hope that you can achieve a new height (in professional, personal life, etc.), it is better just to read the right book. It can inspire and motivate you, and even help you reach your goals.

10 best motivational books ever written

Before we list these amazing and worth checking out inspirational books, we should note that there is no particular order in our selection. You can begin reading from any number, depending on the motivational topic you are looking for to keep developing and searching for the best solutions to your problems.

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1. Think and Grow Rich (written by Napoleon Hill)

This is a great motivational book from 1937. While its main focus in on how to make money, it is an impressive, inspirational source for millions of people from all across the globe. The book has already changed millions of lives, and it can also bring changes to your professional life. You can follow the lessons taught by Hill, and your luck will be challenged, and your life could get unexpected transformations for better.

2. Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Production in Life and Business (written by Charles Duhigg)

This is one of the newest motivational books written. It was published in 2016, but it is worth your time. It focuses on successful people from different spheres of life and explains the main reasons why some of us can achieve much more than the others. The author takes into consideration human psychology, studies and neuroscience, that is why it is so interesting and inspiring to read. It might teach you how to come up with creative and impressive ideas and change your life as well as the life of millions of other people from all over the world.

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Best motivational books of all time: selection

3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (written by Dr Stephen Covey)

This is truly one of the best motivational books of all time. Each person who reads it will get true inspiration for life changes. Read about the particular habits that mean so much in your life. If you learn how to change your everyday habits, you can easily transform your own personality and stop being a victim. Instead, you will learn how to become a victor of your life. This is a remarkable inspirational book that gives you the key to success. It also explains that nothing can be fixed within moments. Every dream has to be chased, but this is how you can finally find your main purpose and change your life for better while you are still young and strong.

4. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance (written by Angel Duckworth)

It’s another self-help masterpiece that can inspire you to new deeds and achievements in your personal and professional life. This book is a compilation of interesting stories from real life. Their successes are referred to as ‘grit.’ The main goal of this inspirational book is to explain how the passion to something you love can lead to changes in your life, and how fails and thoughts associated with failures can change your future. ‘Grit’ is mainly about people who were able to become successful because of the true love to what they were doing and all the hard work they did.

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5. The Alchemist (written by Paulo Coelho)

Famous people, actors, celebrities, businesspersons from across the planet have read this inspirational book, which is also one of the best motivational books ever written. The bestseller can become your source of wisdom, inspiration, and life guide. It is about a little boy who dreamt and did everything to make his dream come true. You will learn how to distinguish between your desires, understand what is more important to success. You will believe in the intuition and its power in chasing your dreams. The novel is well written. It is easy to read, and you will learn so much for your personal goodness.

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Best motivational books ever written

6. You Can Heal Your Life (written by Louise Hay)

If your motivation needs particular strategies, you should read this book. It explains what exactly you can do if you want to cure diseases, become wealthy or fight with problems from your childhood. It is a source of useful steps that help to turn all negative thoughts and experiences from your own life into the positive changes. This can lead to better yourself in the future. Being sold to millions of people already, it is an impressive book that is worth checking out.

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7. Choose Yourself (written by James Altucher)

This is a nice inspiration book that can be your personal key to success. You will learn how success can be achieved through ‘choosing yourself.’ This is a collection of interesting interviews and useful studies that base on businesspersons who used their inner energy and motivation as personal investments into their idea that grew into something big and valuable. Each of us has his or her talents. You just need to discover your talent and learn how to grow it and make your main life investment.

8. How to Win Friends and Influence People (written by Dale Carnegie)

This book shares many secrets and tips on how to become an influencing person, motivate yourself and your friends, inspire your business partners and change your life. The old-school methods can do magic even in 2018. You can learn so many simple things that can be done every day that help you to become an influencer, you will be surprised. We all know these basics, but we often forget about them in real life. Add this motivating book to your shelf and reread it once in a while to recollect easy-to-follow tips that will make you a better person and help you reach impressive personal and business goals.

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List of best motivational books of all time

9. Now Discover Your Strengths (written by Donald Clifton and Marcus Buckingham)

This is a motivational book for people who wish to discover and grow their talents. It’s about finding your personal strength and develop it. It teaches each of us to focus on our stronger sides and build a successful life based on what we can do well, instead of wasting time on negative emotions and personal failures. It can definitely inspire you to encourage and develop something that you are good at and focus on positive things in your life.

10. The Power of Positive Thinking: 10 Traits for Maximum Results (written by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale)

This is a bestselling motivational book you can read to become happier and learn how to achieve satisfaction from your life. We all have hopes, dreams and personal ambitions, and most of us need the right inspiration and real steps for every day of our lives to achieve the goals. After reading the book, you will finally believe in your dreams and yourself.

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This is just our list of inspiration books you can read to become better or reach any heights. A book is like a tool in human hands. It develops imagination, provides answers to millions questions, shares experiences of the most successful people and companies, and inspires each of us to conquer this enormous world.

There are many more than 15 best motivational books of all time. Therefore, once you read all the titles from our selection, you can read even more incredible and inspiring sources. Each new book will make you wiser and motivate for new deeds.

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