Different types of peace symbols around the world

Different types of peace symbols around the world

World peace is something that we all want. It's no wonder that humanity has come up with dozens of symbols that represent this need. On every continent, you can find a different embodiment of the same idea. If you'd like to find out what are the different types of peace symbols around the world and how they look like, continue reading below!

Global peace symbol

Peace sign symbols

A symbol is a sign or an image that represents a specific idea or a concept. It reflects our human desire for better communication. Because while we don't all speak the same language, some signs become universally recognizable. Below you'll find the images of peace symbols and the explanation of their origins and meaning:

The Anti-Nuclear symbol

Anti-Nuclear peace symbol

On the picture above you can see what is widely considered to be the "official" peace sign of our planet. There are thousands of images of this logo on the web, and you can find at least a couple of banners with it at every anti-war meeting or roundup.

It's kind of ironic, that the original meaning of this image was much narrower. It was created in the 1950s as a part of the Anti-Nuclear campaign. As time went on, this peace symbol gained popularity all around the world and became the phenomena it is today.

The Olive Branch symbol

Olive branch peace symbol

The olive branch is the oldest symbol of peace out of all European signs. It was first used way back in the times of ancient Greece. Olive branches were gifted to winners of the Olympic Games and were used as bridal headwear at weddings.

According to a Greek myth, the first olive tree was grown by Athena and presented an endless amount of water for the population. As an expression of gratitude to the goddess, the people erected a city in her honor which is now the capital of Greece – Athens.

The Dove symbol

Dove peace symbol

The dove sign is closely tied to the previous image on our list. However this one has Christian roots instead of mythological ones. A white dove appeared in Genesis in the Old Testament when Noah saw this bird with an olive branch. The dove's appearance signaled that the flood was over, and life on Earth could be restored.

This event has marked a white dove as a sign of peace and good fortune. You can find this bird on thousands of Christian icons and paintings, as it became one of the most popular symbols of the Faith.

A version of this image gained significance during the Cold War. People used Picasso's depiction of a dove for activist protests.

White Poppy symbol

White poppy peace symbol

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White poppies are a sign that passed on for generations since the end of the First World War. Their appearance became a symbol of the end of the war. These flowers covered entire battlefields as well as grew on burial grounds. White poppies were also distributed in 1933 by the anti-war movements that represented the pacifism movement.

Their cousins, red poppies, have become the traditional flower on Remembrance days that are dedicated to honoring the fallen soldiers of the two World Wars.

An additional detail that strengthens the peace vibe of this sign is the white color that symbolizes a clean state and freedom from bloodshed.

"V" symbol

V peace symbol

You may also know this sign as the "peace symbol with fingers". This hand gesture is usually shown by raising the middle and index fingers. The V symbol is polysemantic and is used both to as a sign of peace and victory.

Its origins also go back to the World War. Its initial meaning was only "victory" as the gesture itself signifies the first letter of this word in all of the three Allied forces countries. The V sign was used both by Churchill and the French rebellion leader de Gaulle. However, this peace symbol has continued to be used long after the end of the war, and became quite popular in the United States.

Paper Crane symbol

Paper Crane peace symbol

A paper crane became the Japanese peace sign in the 1960s. The history of this origami symbol also goes back to World War II and is connected to the Americans dropping the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. One of the girls that suffered from radiation spent her last month folding together paper cranes. According to local mythology, a person that created one thousand of them would be granted a wish.

Due to the outcome of the war and the touching innocence of the little girl, Japan has adopted the crane as its symbol of peace.

Pace Rainbow flag symbol

Pace rainbow flag peace sign

This peace sign was created in 1961 for an anti-war march. Various kinds of these flags spread all around the country and became one of the American symbols of peace. The name "pace" comes from the Italian word for peace.

Note: Don't confuse this flag with the LGBT community rainbow flag. While similar, they are not the same.

Broken rifle symbol

Broken rifle peace symbol

After being created in 1909, this sign gained popularity when the War Resister's group used this simple, yet compelling image as their logo. The transparent symbolism behind this illustration has allowed for this organization to gain support in countries all around the world.

Salaam symbol

Salaam peace symbol

The peace symbol in Arabic language is called Salaam. It has been the traditional peace sign in Middle-Eastern countries for dozens of years, as well as for other Muslims all around the world. Salaam expresses hope for a peaceful future for the territories that from wars and terrorist attacks.

Pax Cultura symbol

Pax Cultura peace symbol

The Pax Cultura is an Asian peace symbol. Chinese have been using it ever since the middle of the 20th century as a sign of peace in times of war. The primary goal of this banner was to make sure that all important buildings or cultural valuables were protected from soldiers and destructive weapons.

Even though the red incarnation of this peace symbol was created only seventy years ago, it has ancient origins. The first versions of this sign are dated all the way back to the Stone Age.

Buddhism symbols

Buddhism peace symbols

There's a number of different kinds of the peace symbol in buddhism, including the white lotus, the dharma wheel, Buddha himself, and the Ohm symbol. Most of these represent the concept of inner peace, as buddhists try to distant themselves from all the wordly troubles.

Now you know all the different types of peace symbols around the world and how they look like. Feel free to share this article with your friends, and let us know what your favorite peace sign is!

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