Dill water for newborns: a step-by-step recipe

Dill water for newborns: a step-by-step recipe

Dill water for newborns is a remedy that has saved your tummy from tummy colic for centuries. Parents prepare the drink themselves. It is sold in ready-made form or as tea. Find out how to make your own food and how to water your baby using the product in this article.

Dill water for newborns: recipe

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Dill water for newborns: the recipe

Еummy troubles, sleepless nights, constant crying by newborns: it is an absolutely natural phenomenon. The gut of the baby learns to work independently. The development of microflora is accompanied by increased gas production.

Experienced mothers know that dill-water will help baby to cope with unpleasant sensations in the tummy.

Previously, the product was prepared on its own. Today granulated tea or ready-made dill water is available in pharmacies and specialty stores.

If you wish, you can make your own drink. Plant seeds or flowering plants are used for this purpose.

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Dill water for newborns: recipe

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The recipe for dill water for newborns is as follows:

  1. Pour a teaspoon of shredded fennel blooms over a glass (200ml) of hot water and put in a water bath to cook for 40 minutes.
  2. Pour the finished brew into a bottle.
  3. Leave to cool at room temperature.

Fennel has similar properties, but they are more marked. If you like, prepare a remedy for fennel colic. This can be done as follows:

  1. Take a teaspoon of fennel seeds and a glass (200ml) of water for a daily dose.
  2. Pour the seeds with boiling water.
  3. After 1-1.5 hours, drain the infusion through the gauze and leave it to cool.

Remember: Before drinking your baby, it is important to check the temperature of the drink. For this, a drop of vodka is applied to the inner surface of the wrist. The liquid should not burn or cool the hand.

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Dill water for newborns: dosing, when give it to a child

Pediatricians and Neonatologists recommend divide receipt for four to five times. An infant is unable to drink a large amount of liquid at a time. It is thought that 200ml is a daily dose.

As babies sleep a lot and eat most of the time, don't try to give your child a third of their daily allowance of fennel water. Better drink your baby often and slowly. During the day between breastfeeding, give a baby a teaspoon of water.

Dill water for newborns: recipe

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In the first weeks of a child's life, mothers are confronted with the problem that newborns cannot drink from a spoon. Pour the water into a feeder bottle and watch the volume of the bottle's contents decrease.

At what age is it possible to give a baby dill water? From the earliest weeks of life.

Start introducing colic remedy to your child gradually: everything is new in this life. Soak the sponges first with a drop of dill water. If there is no negative reaction, give a quarter teaspoon. Gradually increase the dose to the volume of one teaspoon.

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Keep an eye on your baby's condition. If you think that dill water for newborns is not having the desired effect, don't increase the dosage; consult a specialist.

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