Which Greek God are you like in real life?

Which Greek God are you like in real life?

Do you like ancient Greek myths and legends? The exploits and experiences of the ancient Gods? Are you interested in magic? Have you ever wondered, "What Greek God am I?" If all your answers are "yes," you should take this Greek mythology quiz right away! Find out the right answer to 'Which Greek God are you?'

Which Greek God describes you the best? Thunderer Zeus? Maybe Poseidon - God of the seas and oceans? Lord of the underworld Hades? Or you want to know which Greek Goddess are you? The incredibly smart Athena or the beautiful Aphrodite? You will find all the answers by taking this Greek God quiz.

Which Greek God are you?

In ancient Greece, there were two groups of Gods:

  1. The titans - the Gods of the second generation (6 brothers and 6 sisters).
  2. Olympian Gods (Olympians) - Gods of the third generation (Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Demeter, Athena, Ares, Apollo, Artemis, Hephaestus, Hermes, and Hestia).

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Olympus is a mountain in Greece which was honored as the residence of the Gods. The height of the sacred mountain is 2917 meters. According to Greek mythology, only the Gods of Olympus (or the Olympians) could live there.

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Zeus is the supreme God of Olympus

Zeus is a special and unique personality. In ancient Greek religion, he is the God of heaven, thunder, and lightning. The main attributes of Zeus are a shield and a two-sided ax. He is the father of the Gods and all the people. He instilled in people a sense of justice and kindness, helped the suffering and kept traditions.

Hera is the most powerful Goddess

She is the wife of Zeus. Hera is the patroness of marriages and pregnant women. She is a majestic, powerful, and gorgeous woman.

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Poseidon is the God of the seas, fishermen, and sailors

After the Gods defeated the Titans, Poseidon became the lord of the water element. He is unstable and very emotional. Many myths describe him as irritable, cruel, vengeful, and dangerous. Also, Poseidon was closely associated with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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Demeter is the Goddess of fecundity and agriculture

In ancient Greece, she is the most revered Goddess, since she can affect harvest, and, therefore, the life of the ancient Greeks. Also, she leads the cycle of human life - from birth to death. Building relationships with people, Demeter "becomes their mother" and seeks to support everyone. She is altruistic, devoted to people and her own beliefs.

Hestia is the goddess of the hearth

Hestia is a maiden and dislikes Aphrodite with all her might. She personifies purity, family happiness, and peace. Hestia vowed chastity and refused all suitors (even the most attractive). Hestia's altars stood in every ancient Greek house and the main public building of the city. Also, she was the keeper of the eternal flame.

Hephaestus is the God of the stone masonry, metalworking, and the art of sculpture

Son of Zeus and Hera. Despite his popularity, most of the information about his life is somewhat contradictory. Many sources claim that Hephaestus' hands made a lot of artworks mentioned in ancient myths: The Necklace of Harmony, Khryseos & Argyreos (Gold and Silver Dogs), Pelops scepter. But other tales say that he was quite lazy to have created such complicated and time-consuming artworks.

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Athena is the Goddess of spiritual harmony, wisdom, and war

She was considered the inventor of most sciences, arts, spiritual studies, agriculture, crafts. Athena is the defender of the fortress walls, the warrior. She inherited strength from her father (Zeus), and wisdom from her mother (Metis). Athena would be an ideal example of feminists in the modern world - a strong independent woman who can do everything herself.

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Ares is the Olympic God of war

He is another son of Zeus and Hera. Athena and Ares are opposite Gods. If Athena is a fair Goddess who advocates a war for the sake of truth, then Ares patronizes the war himself. He is fierce, furious, and menacing, but victory does not always accompany him. He often loses to Athena... Which God are you - Athena or Ares?

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and beauty

"Golden" is the most frequent epithet for Aphrodite, meaning "beautiful" among the ancient Greeks. Everything beautiful in this world was the creation of Aphrodite. She preferred life and peace to war and death. Take a test to know what Greek Goddess are you, you might just be Aphrodite.

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Hermes is the Olympian God of trade, eloquence, wealth and profit

Hermes was considered an intermediary between Gods and people. His cult was also associated with cunning and subtle mental activity. He answered all questions (even when he didn't know the answers). Check out the Greek mythology quiz to know if there is anything similar between you and Hermes!

Apollo is the Greek God of the sun and light

As the patron of creative activity, he is considered the leader of nine muses, as a healer - the father of Asclepius (God of medicine). Apollo was the dream of many women, a handsome and courageous man with a perfect figure. At the same time, many men envied him, and even wished for his death. Apollo's twin sister is the Goddess Artemis.

What God are you? Maybe you have something in common with Apollo?

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Artemis is the Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, and the wilderness

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Do you wish to know "What Goddess am I?" If you are very beautiful, then you have all the chances to be like Artemis! For the Greeks, Artemis was the ideal female beauty, but she was as beautiful as an athlete.

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Which Greek God are you? We hope that this quiz has answered your question correctly.

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