NSCDC recruitment: what is working for Nigeria Civil Defense like?

NSCDC recruitment: what is working for Nigeria Civil Defense like?

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) is a formation of the Nigerian national assembly. The paramilitary institution was established in May 1967 during the Nigerian civil war. It was formed by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The aim of the Nigeria Civil Defence is providing measures against any threat as well as any forms of disasters or attacks that could be forged against the nation and its citizens.

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps

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The corps is statutory that is empowered by the lay Act No. 2 of 2003. It was amended by Act 6 of 4th June 2007. It has the power to institute legal proceedings against people that commit offences. It may have started as a commission that sensitized the public about the effects of war and how to protect themselves against attacks, the Nigerian Civil Defence, fast grew into what it is today; the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps. Its primary role today is to work hand in hand with the police to ensure that lives and properties are protected.

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Working at Nigeria Civil Defence

Nigeria Civil Defence Corps salary

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While there is no ongoing civil defence recruitment currently, anyone who is passionate about the security and safety of Nigerian citizens will desire to join the paramilitary institution. In case you do not make it to the army or police forces, consider the Nigeria Civil Defence. Watch out for the next NSCDC recruitment for a chance to put your skills to use. Before then, though, you may want to know what those already in the system have to say about working for the organization. What have others who have worked with the organization experienced? Remember that it is not just about the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps salary that you will receive, but more of the satisfaction that you get when you make your contributions towards defending the defenceless.

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Useful reviews

While the Nigerian Civil Defence recruitment is anticipated to commence soon, it is important to be sure that this is where you want to work. It is not just enough to qualify during the Nigeria Civil Defence recruitment process. You need to be comfortable and ready to join a team where you feel comfortable working. Here is what others have had to say about their experience working at the parastatal.

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Civil Defence recruitment

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According to a current employee, an Office Personnel in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory who describes his or her title as a Junior coach and personnel; working for the organization is great as you get the satisfaction of helping save your country. The employee has been with the team for 3 years. He or she cautions that there are challenges that one must face, just as it is the case in other areas. Advising the management, the employee urges them to get people who are competent and beneficial to the team as this helps towards the achievement of the overall goal of the team.

You may also want to consider the take of an ex-employee who worked on a full-time basis for the corps. Identifying himself or herself as a Deputy Superintendent, the anonymous ex-employee recounts their experience. Their experience was that of lessons learnt including in areas of leadership, service, time-management, selflessness, loyalty, team-work, as well as respecting hierarchy. On the downside though, this employee points out a static upward growth. This means that anyone seeking progressive career development is likely to feel stuck. There is also the concern of inadequate encouragement for growth.

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Another current anonymous employee had something to say. Identifying himself or herself as ASCI, the employee enjoys the fact that Nigerian Civil Defence is a reputable organization. On the lows, this employee mentions the fact that more needs to be done to face challenges and motivation of workers. He or she urges the management to put in more effort in this area. Even so, the employee maintains that this is one of the best organizations around.

Giving it a 5-star rating, another former employee, a Mechanical Engineer in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory had something to say after working with the corps on a part-time basis for more than a year. The ex-employee brings to light the fact that the work may not be very demanding, but this is dependent on the department one get's posted to. Generally, though, he or she points out the fact that it is a good place to work, especially if you are starting your career. Also mentioned is the aspect of an okay pay for starters as a monthly payment of N150,000 is awarded.

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Pointing out the cons, this former employee noted that the offices needed refurbishment to enhance effectiveness. In addition to that, there was a need to expand the facilities. He or she also had a take for the management. The urge was to have them consider employees welfare. He or she points out the fact that an employee who is dismally compensated fails to work with zeal, and as such, this results in complacency. In addition, the management needs to work on promotions to avoid affecting people's career.

Working for the Nigeria Civil Defence can be rewarding as long as you have an open mind. There are challenges that you will have to contend with. Be prepared for slow career advancements and stay away if you are concerned about the upward scaling in your career. With a comfortable salary and pretty good working conditions, the experience can be enjoyable.

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