Top 10 best Medikal songs of all time

Top 10 best Medikal songs of all time

Medikal songs enter the “must listen” list of the most demanding listeners who appreciate both a unique sound and a particular idea that a song delivers to its audience. This young man represents a new diverse spirit of Ghana and has already become a sensation in the music industry. Do you know which of Medikal songs are considered the best tunes of all times? Where can one download them? Go on reading to discover top 10 hits right now!

Top 10 best Medikal songs of all time
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Samuel Adu Frimpong is a popular Ghanaian media personality that specialises in hip hop. You might recognise him by the nickname Medikal. His name is often related to the record label of AMG Business and collaboration with such outstanding personalities as Pappy Kojo, Sarkodie, Fancy Gadam, EL, Bail J, and Shatta Wale. Moreover, the highest nominations and awards prove his musical skills and talent.

Being a young but persistent artist, he also faced particular difficulties in finding the right key to the hearts of Ghanaians, fame, and appreciation.

Medikal songs playlist

The musician has already released two albums:

  • The mixtape Medikation came out in 2013 (later, it had two more releases)
  • Disturbation saw the world in 2017

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Medikal 2018 activity was rather fruitful. His fans got a brilliant opportunity to enjoy his new melodies, done in the duo with the top figures in the music industry:

  • Medikal How Much in collaboration with Ahtitude and Kwesi Arthur (July 8, 2018)
  • Yaro with Shatta Wale (August 13, 2018)
  • On September 29, 2018, Paedae and Sarkodie together with the musician represented How Much remix
  • Another African super collaboration under the participation of a singer was in December 2018. The new track got the name “Dammy Krane.” Balance Well, Olamide, Pearl Thusi worked under its production
  • A few days later, both the fans Kpo K3K3, Medikal, and Kwesi Arthur were astonished again: their favourite musicians presented one more fabulous track called Stoneboy
  • “Joey B” is the duo work with 911
  • “Ayekoo” became the final hit topping the success of 2018. It is a perfect work of the artists, Fella Makafui and King Promise

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People adore S. A. Frimpong. They wish to hear more and more new works from their favourite musician. One considers some anthems of the Ghana star to be the best pieces of music of all times. How does this “hit chart” look?

Top 10 Medical best songs

Here is our list of the best Medika melodies ever. Two defining features helped to form the list:

  • The number of downloads in Ghana and Nigeria (Top 100 Most Downloaded Ghana & Nigeria Music Chart)
  • The popularity of the tracks in Ghana and beyond its borders

Listen and enjoy the cream of the crop!

1. Too Risky (feat Sister Deborah)

The anthem under the participation of Sister Derby is a part of the album “Disturbation.” Unkle Beatz was the one who produced the hit. It had a great success among fans. Moreover, in 2017 the hit obtained several award nominations.

From the very first minute, the charming beats begin to pump your pulse and make you dance, sing along with the musician, and feel as if you were on the sunny shore partying with the stars.

2. Omo Ada (Dem Sleep)

It is one of the latest songs in the arsenal of the musician. It was produced by Unkle Beatz either. The vibes make your body shake and go with the flow. The melody invites you to try a new way of dancing that is not Shaku Shaku.

3. Amanfuor girl

The hip hop anthem is a duo-collaboration with Quamina MP. It saw the world in 2019. You can hardly resist a temptation to start dancing at once.

4. Shoo

It is another popular hit. The tune is the result of the co-work with Kwamz, Flava, and Joey B. Later, the track got a remix version that is as great as the first version.

5. Huawei

The musician is an ambassador of the Huawei Y7 Prime phone. Halo produced this hit.

6. Forever my love feat Bisa Kdei

The musician released the single in 2013. It was a duo with Bisa Kdei regarded as the top figure in the Ghanaian music industry. The tune was like a massive bomb: it quickly captured the hearts of millions of fans who begged for a video release for this track. A year later, one of the musician’s greatest videos astonished the listeners.

7. “Love You Die” feat Falz

The single enters the album “Disturbation.” It is a perfect work of the highest quality by Medikal and another celebrated Nigerian musician Falz.

8. Ayekoo feat. King Promise

This brilliant mix is the creature done in the co-work with King Promise, Ghana’s greatest songwriters.

9. How Much Remix feat Omar Sterling and Sarkodie

The song is an excellent collaboration of the musician with Kwesi Arthur and Ahtitude. It raises a question about the amount of money each of us considers his “too much money.”

10. Confirm

This musical performance is an excellent work done by Medikal, Unkle Beatz, and the AMG record label. Over time, it turned into a total success: the listeners felt a strong message and soon made the hit one of the most popular throughout the country. The song topped the radio charts. You might hear it almost from every radio. Later, the musician released a remix for it. Guess what? It was even of greater success if compared to the original.

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What about Medikal new song list? Do you know what hits the hip hop artist has already released in 2019?

Medikal latest song 2019

The brand new year brought the hip hop artist significant inspiration. You can see it if you take a glance onto the number of the latest tracks the hip hop performer has already presented to the audience. Some of them represent his solo work, while the other ones are a fascination duo or trio blend.


  • Omo Ada
  • 6 AM in London
  • Huawei (freestyle)

Tunes released in partnership:

  • “Love No Catch You” by Lord Paper
  • Several remixes and a video for “Shoo” by Kwamz, Flava, and Joey B
  • “Obaa No” by Nana Baroo and DR Cryme
  • “Woo Bonsam” by Guru
  • “Toffee” by Kelvynboy
  • “Blessings” by Mawuli YoungGod and Darkovibes
  • “Amanfuors Girl” by Quamina Mp

Medikal songs list is a real finding for any person. You can enjoy your favourite vibes online, buy his albums, or get pleasure from videos presented by the artist on his official channel. Moreover, you can check Medikal songs download link to pick only the most favourite tracks for daily inspiration.

Medikal songs are a type of a charger: they make you feel full of energy, desire to move, love and feel the spirit of life in its full. Each brand new day expands Medikal song collection with great hits. That is a pure pleasure for fans!

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