Taran Noah Smith now: age, height, net worth, wife, death rumors

Taran Noah Smith now: age, height, net worth, wife, death rumors

What is common about the films Home Improvement, Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home, and Ebbie? You guessed right; all these films star the former American actor Taran Noah Smith. The former actor is most popular for his role as the youngest son in the 90's sitcom Home Improvement. However, it seemed that after the show ended, the star quickly disappeared from the acting scene. So, where is he now? Is the former child actor dead?

Taran Noah Smith
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Taran Noah Smith’s Hollywood story started as many of them do. The former actor started acting at the tender age of just seven years old. However, unlike his Hollywood counterparts who go on with the celebrity life and continue appearing in films and so on, he decided to quit the acting lifestyle and pursue his dreams. Find out what these dreams are by reading this post to the end.

Taran Noah Smith biography

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The former actor was born on April 8th in the year 1984. This makes Taran Noah Smith age thirty-five at the moment. The Home Improvement star was born in San Francisco in California. His parents are Candy Bennici and David Smith. Taran grew up in the company of his elder sister, international model Ariandrea Hilary Smith.

When it comes to the star’s education, he attended the University of Southern California where he intended to learn Film. However, he dropped out of school before he could graduate.

Notably, the former actor began acting while he was seven years old and stopped when he was nineteen years.

Taran Noah Smith
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Taran Noah Smith wife

It is reported that the former actor met his wife to be Heidi Van Pelt while he was at the University of Southern California. Taran Noah Smith Heidi Van Pelt got married in 2001. At that time, Heidi Van Pelt was thirty-two years old, and Mr Smith was just but seventeen years old. Their marriage sparked a lot of controversies because of their vast age difference of over sixteen years.

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The Home Improvement star and his then-wife Heidi Van Pelt started a business together; they established a restaurant called Playfood in California. The restaurant specialised in organic and vegan foods, which is not surprising as Smith is vegan.

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However, all was not rosy for Taran Noah Smith and wife Heidi Van Pelt. In February 2nd 2007, the couple got divorced. Their divorce was nothing but amicable, as it is reported that Heidi Van Pelt destroyed all the dishes the couple owned before their divorce. The reason behind their divorce was a change in lifestyle. The couple had one kid together, a son named Nolan Eric Smith.

Taran Noah Smith
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Taran Noah Smith net worth

The former actor had a total of 1.5 million dollars in his trust fund by the time he was eighteen years old. However, after he turned eighteen, he sued his parents for misusing the funds to buy a mansion. He later won the case and used the money to start a business with his then-wife Heidi Van Pelt. However, as the business collapsed (maybe due to the disputes that followed after the couple’s divorce) Smith’s net worth quickly dropped to $300,000.

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Is Taran Noah Smith dead?

There have been numerous fake news about Taran Noah Smith death. However, all these news are false as the former actor is still alive. In fact, on February 1st 2012, the former actor was arrested for driving under the influence and for the possession of hashish. He pleaded guilty to both charges.

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Interesting fun facts about Taran Noah Smith

Height: Taran Noah Smith height is 1.88 metres, or 188 centimetres, or 6 feet 2 inches

Hair colour: Light red

Eye colour: Blue

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: His dad is of Italian and Swedish descent while his mother is of English and Irish descent

Taran Noah Smith
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  • Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home (1998) - Brian Ferris
  • 7th Heaven (TV series, 1997) - Peter McKinley
  • Ebbie (TV movie, 1995) - Tim 'Timmy' Cratchet
  • ABC TGIF (TV series, 1989) - Mark

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Taran Noah Smith now

It is very hard to find out new information about Taran Noah Smith as the former star prefers to keep away from the limelight.


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