Steve Cook net worth, bio, age, height, weight, girlfriend

Steve Cook net worth, bio, age, height, weight, girlfriend

Steve Cook net worth and story of success sound so inspirational! This man follows his dream, takes care of his health and appearance, and helps others on their journey to a perfect body. Here we welcome you to find out more about the modern beauty icon of bodybuilding.

Steve Cook net worth
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"How tall is Steve Cook?", "How much is Steve Cook net worth?", "What was his way to such level of popularity?", and "How to achieve such a perfect body?" These are the main questions when it goes about the star bodybuilder, and this time we prepared the answers.

Steve Cook net worth and biography

Steve Cook bio starts on December 10, 1984, in Boise, Idaho, USA. Since an early age, he was involved in the fitness industry. He grew up as one of 7 children in the athletic family. Since elementary school, the young man started developing his muscles. Steve’s father took him to the gym and directed him in the first steps in bodybuilding.

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Even at the age of 10, his physique form was greatly developed. At high school, he already became a star of fitness. During that times he was the most muscular student who started bright college football career. After high school, he decided to come back to bodybuilding. The young bodybuilder immediately won Boise fit expo’s fit body competition and decided to continue his way in this industry.

The next achievement was the 1st place at the Muscle & Fitness Male model in Las Vegas. Then the man gained Pro Bodybuilding Card and continued his winning way at different Physique contests. He also started to show his body at different bodybuilding magazines, and as a result, he became the spokesperson and one of the leading models of (the biggest internet resource for bodybuilders).

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The bodybuilder also started his own popular YouTube channel. At this channel, he shares many healthy tips related to sport, bodybuilding and fitness.

As for Steve Cook bodybuilder net worth, the sum is claimed to be $1.9 million. This achievement made him one of the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world.

What is known about Steve Cook girlfriend?

It is known that the fitness star got married at a young age, during his study at college. But, the marriage appeared to be not successful, and the young sportsman experienced a hard divorce. In some way, bodybuilding helped him to overcome depression after this breakup.

Today many sources claim that the bodybuilder is in relationships with Courtney King who is also involved in the fitness industry and known as the winner of Ms Olympia. Numerous fans consider Courtney as the most beautiful woman at the modern scene of bodybuilding. Yes, they were dating for sure in 2017, and the bodybuilder even published on his YouTube channel a video introducing Courtney as his girlfriend. However, time goes quickly, and if in 2019 you will check the pages of both on Instagram, you will not find their joint photos. What is more, the recent images of both young people can tell us a lot: the bodybuilder posted pictures with a blond girl (we doubt it is Courtney), and Courtney also has photos with a man who is not Steve. So we can assume that the famous bodybuilder and Ms Olympia are not a couple anymore.

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We have done a small research and found the girl, who is probably a new Steve Cook's girlfriend. We do not know what her name is, but here is her page on Instagram, where you can find sweet pictures with Steve.

Steve Cook bodybuilder measurements:

  • Steve Cook height – 183 cm
  • Steve Cook weight – 98 kgs
  • Eye colour – blue
  • Hair colour – dark blonde
  • Steve Cook age – current age is 34 years old

Interesting facts about Steve Cook

  • The bodybuilder does not follow the same type of training routine; he constantly changes his training structure, but in the case of diet, he stays consistent.
  • The star is a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and such bodybuilders as Steve Reeves, Bob Paris, Frank Zane, Lee Labrada, Lee Haney.

  • He appeared at many popular magazine covers including “Iron Man” and “Muscle&Fitness.” He also likes to collaborate with YouTube bodybuilding stars such as Christian Guzman, Bradley Martyn, and Omar Isuf.
  • He currently has more than 2 million followers on Instagram.

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Now you know the answers to the questions: "What is Steve Cook net worth?", "How old is Steve Cook?", "What are his measurements?", "Who is the bodybuilder's girlfriend?". We hope that this information will be inspirational to you, and maybe you may decide to visit the gym this week.

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