Types of farm machinery and their uses

Types of farm machinery and their uses

It’s a well-known fact that different types of machinery and modern farming is constantly developing throughout the world. Experienced machinery engineers are always trying not only to improve the traditional types of farm machinery but also to come up with entirely new ones that can be even more efficient. What types of farming machinery do you know and how is it used?

Types of farm machinery
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Today, hundreds of specialized exhibitions of equipment for farming are held around the world. Checkout types of farm machinery, their main characteristics and uses.

Types of farm machinery

Modern farmers use a vast range of equipment for their activities. The more diversified the technical stuff and farm manning, the higher is the yield.

Basically, farm equipment performs:

  • land processing
  • soil and plant fertilizing
  • harvesting and transportation
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  • harvesting machinery
  • tractors
  • sprayers
  • forage equipment
  • sowing and tillage equipment
  • fertilizer spreaders
  • trailers
  • loaders

Harvesting machinery

Harvesting machinery
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Among all the types of equipment that can be used for harvesting grain crops, the combine harvester always occupies the highest position due to its efficiency and the amount of crop that it can harvest.

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It is worth noting that for a farmer it is essential when choosing a combine to pay attention not only to the power of his engine but also to the type of threshing apparatus, the volume of the container for collecting grain, as well as the separation system.


Using tractor machinery are indispensable for large farms. Depending on the tasks that need to be solved, the tractor is divided into wheeled and tracked. But in general, the tractor is universal farm equipment.

Tractor bouling
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This type of farm equipment is considered indispensable for modern agriculture. Farmers use sprayers for the most effective and timely spraying of crops with water, insecticides, etc.

Sprayer machine
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Forage equipment

In modern farms, forage for various types of animals is harvested using forage harvesting equipment. There are different types of this farm machinery:

  • balers
  • self-propelled and trailed mowers
  • rakes
  • tedders

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Forage equipment
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The most widely used machinery for collecting and shaping of hay in the so-called bales are balers. Their main task is to collect grass, pressing and tying it with the rope.

Sowing and tillage equipment

Various types of sowing technology are used to obtain the highest yield results in modern farming. Among the main types of sowing machinery are:

  • seeders
  • hoppers and storage tanks
Tillage equipment
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The primary advantage during the sowing is the use of seeders, which, along with the accuracy of sowing, provide the desired thickness and a lower percentage of crushing (deterioration) of the grains.

Fertilizer spreaders

Farmers use this type of machine to distribute fertilizer as well as to enrich a ripening crop.


Entirely any farm is inextricably linked with such a process as transportation. As part of their activities, farmers use trailers for shipping of harvest itself, as well for the transport of different varieties of goods at the farm.

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In such cases, trailers are attached to the tractor, which represents the most rational solution when it is necessary to move fertilizers, crops, animal feed, etc.

One of the most popular and common trailed vehicles among farmers is a bunker dump truck.

Major types of farm tractors

The specificity of tractors usage in modern farming is very diverse.

However, types of farm tractors can be divided into:

  • general purpose tractors
  • universal tilled tractors
  • special purpose tractors
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General purpose tractors perform the essential functions of agricultural work:

  • plowing
  • harrowing
  • solid cultivation
  • sowing
  • cleaning

This type of tractor is characterized by high power, wide wheels or tracks, and low ground clearance. Universal tilled tractors are used to solve almost all farm work and are universal equipment in any farm.

Special purpose tractors include highly specialized modifications of the tractor that are necessary for one or several types of work in certain conditions.

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Modern farms annually try to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in harvesting. A variety of farming equipment could solve all these tasks. Doing business for large scale farmers is impossible without the use of tractors.

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