Lagos 2019: 5 reasons why Ambode may not get second term bid

Lagos 2019: 5 reasons why Ambode may not get second term bid

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is one of the governors nobody would have thought will have any problem getting the second term mandate. The All Progressives Congress (APC), Ambode’s party, enjoys significant dominance in Lagos state.

More so, Governor Amode had the unflinching support of his political godfather, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Besides, save for some bad policies especially the one bordering on the refuse disposal in the state, his administration is also not doing badly, particularly in terms of infrastructural development.

Thus, it was like a joke stretched too far when news started filtering that the state governor is having problems concerning his re-election bid.

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However, latest events unfolding in the state’s political space has confirmed that Governor Ambode, truly, may not get the second term bid.

Here are five main factors why the governor may end up setting a new record as the first one-term governor in the history of Lagos since the beginning of the Fourth Republic in 1999.

1. Lack of support from his godfather

It is an undisputable fact that Governor Ambode got the gubernatorial seat in 2015 solely because of the support of his godfather, Tinubu. The former governor and national leader of the APC is a significant political force, not only in Lagos state but across the nation.

Since he left the governorship seat in 2008, he has become a major force in determining who becomes the next governor in the state. So, not supporting Ambode anymore is a monumental barrier to his second term ambition.

2. Lack of popularity among political stakeholders

Apart from falling out of favour with Tinubu, Governor Ambode does not enjoy the support of many political stakeholders in the state who could have either helped him to iron out the differences between him and his godfather or rallied around him to build a strong force against Tinubu’s influence.

As it currently stands, nearly all the local government chairmen in the state and other principal political office holders are not in support of Tinubu’s second term bid.

3. Lack of popularity among Lagosians

Perhaps if Governor Ambode is very popular among the residents of the state, his chances of getting the second term bid would have been brighter as his godfather may be forced to listen to the masses’ opinion.

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Unfortunately, Governor Ambode seems unpopular among Lagosians owing largely to some of his unpopular policies like the increase in Land Use Charge and the alleged unprofessional manner the various ongoing road projects are being executed.

4. Ill-advised refuse disposal policy

If Governor Ambode eventually fails to get the second term bid, his handling of refuse disposal management in the state, apart from political factors, should be held responsible as one of the major causes.

Ambode’s refuse management initiative, which was really not necessary as the previous one put in place by his predecessor was working, shattered whatever iota goodwill he enjoys from Lagosians.

5. The growing popularity of his major contender, Babajide Sanwo-Olu

Apart from the fact that Governor Ambode’s major contender, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, allegedly has the backing of Tinubu, he also reportedly enjoys the support of all the local government chairmen in the state.

The current political calculation is that the more Sanwo-Olu gets more popularity among the APC political stakeholders, the lesser the chance of Ambode getting the second term ticket.

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