Health benefits of scent leaf

Health benefits of scent leaf

If you are interested in the answer to the question what is health benefit of scent leaf, then you are on the right page. This magic product can really help you feel better and improve your health.

Health benefits of scent leaf

Who knows the sense in spices, he certainly keeps some basil leaves in his 'arsenal'. Scent leaf is unique. This is confirmed not only by the research of its chemical composition but also by the ancient Greek language. After all, in translation from it, scent leaf means "royal."

Scent leaf characteristics

The aroma and taste, even the color of this herb, can be different. Once it is gently-green, then bright-violet, then with a dark outflow. Its aroma can be similar to a carnation, and a nutmeg. There are varieties with the smell of lemon. There is even a grade of caramel-vanilla.

The taste is pleasant, with a little bitterness at first. But soon a metamorphosis takes place. Cultivation of the plant has existed for a long time, so it involves a lot of different legends and stories. In some countries, for example, in India, it is considered even sacred.

scent leaf

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What is health benefit of scent leaf?

This plant can rightly be considered a real home medicine. There are plenty of health benefits of eating scent leaves. Even if it grows on your windowsill, which is quite possible, then protection against infections and colds can be said to be secured. Due to disinfecting, antiviral and antimicrobial properties, he was listed as a natural antibiotic.

In India, where the plant is very popular, a decoction of leaves and flowers is used quite effectively against high temperatures.

This natural healer can destroy up to 99% of the microbes that are in our mouth. It perfectly heals ulcers, if they are there. Therefore, infusion or decoction is used for stomatitis, angina. You can use the same means fighting with a toothache. And with caries, dental calculus. You may strengthen gum with decoction or infusion.

Thanks to some components, the scent leaf copes with a headache. And of different origins. Whether it's a migraine, high blood pressure or cold.

Infusion of scent leaf is used as an antitussive, especially in whooping cough. Scent leaf is shown in other diseases of the lungs. It is used even for the treatment of tuberculosis.

Health benefits

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Substances found in the scent leaf are capable of acting destructively on bad cholesterol. With the help of scent leaf, you can fight with kidney stones. Components that fill it, have a mild diuretic effect and are able to dissolve already existing in the kidney stones. The analgesic properties of plants are used in renal colic.

Health benefits of scent leaf juice and the infusion made on its base, are well-known too. It fights with gastritis, colitis, flatulence. It can help reduce stress, strengthening the nervous system, perfectly stimulates the immune system. Studies show that thanks to the scent leaf, growth of malignant tumors and HIV can be restrained.

This amazing herb can also heal the effects of radiation. It will serve, if it is used regularly, even as a vaccine against smallpox.

Scent leaf composition


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Scent leaf has a pleasant delicate taste and aroma. The composition of the oil its also unique. It contains camphor, and eugenol, and linalool. There is also methyl chavicol, ocimene, and others.

Even the leaves and stems contain mineral and tanning substances, as well as glycosides, sugars. It is impossible to forget the phytoncides.

There are also vitamins in the leaves, the vitamins in the scent leaf are vitamin C, vitamin PP, B2. There is also carotene and rutin. Proteins, vegetable fats, fiber are also contained in scent leaf.

Scent leaf application

Scent leaf uses

Virtually all parts of the scent leaf are used. If you consider the use of scent leaf in cooking, then its leaves are considered an excellent snack. Add scent leaf to meat dishes. It can be any poultry, as well as lamb, beef. In some countries, leaves, stems, and plant seeds are added to dessert drinks.

Scent leaf is perfectly combined with other spices. Thanks to it, rosemary, for example, gets the peppery odor.

Caveats of scent leaf

Still, in some cases, it can not be used. Scent leaf is contraindicated for pregnant women. People who have had a heart attack, a stroke, should not use this plant. Those who have diabetes or hypertension should not abuse scent leaf too. The same rules should be followed with thrombophlebitis and ischemic heart disease.

If you decide to take medicament based on scent leaf, then more than three weeks usage is not necessary. Otherwise, instead of a beneficial effect, you can damage your body. Therefore, you should take a short break, and then, if necessary, you can continue the treatment.

Use this gift of nature with caution. Any plant, even the most useful, if used unskilfully can bring harm to health. Be healthy!

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