Best sleeping positions for a pregnant woman

Best sleeping positions for a pregnant woman

Every lady who is expecting a baby has to know the best sleeping position for a pregnant woman. It is essential to take care of your unborn child and your health during each trimester, and knowing how to sleep during pregnancy is one important to ensure that.

Best sleeping position for a pregnant woman

The first couple of months of pregnancy feel and look mainly comfortable to most women in terms of sleeping. However, the bigger the belly becomes, the more the expecting mother may have issues with sleeping comfortably.

It is better to understand how to sleep during pregnancy, and this is exactly what we are about to discuss below.

How should a pregnant woman sleep

The comfortable sleep and happy dreams mainly depend on your sleeping positions. It may be impossible to keep your older traditions because the little child inside you might feel discomfort or even get hurt.

Here are the possible issues a pregnant woman can face when laying down:

  • Pain in the back
  • Chest burning problems
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sleeplessness
  • Bigger abdomen size

All the changes that occur in a pregnant female body can make it impossible to get a good night sleep, especially during the third trimester.

A woman should sleep with a special pillow and keep in mind only the right poses. We will list them all below, which means you have enough information for a happy and comfortable night with your baby inside. If you do not know the coolest and healthiest positions for day and night naps.

List of sleeping position for a pregnant woman

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Best sleeping position during pregnancy

1. SOS position

The abbreviation in our situation stands for ‘Sleep on Side’ and has nothing to do with the popular ‘help’ sign. Even if you feel uncomfortable, you are still advised to sleep on your side (preferably the left side) during pregnancy. This is the best sleeping position for a pregnant woman because it is the safest and most comfortable for both a future mommy and her child.

Experts believe that pregnant women will feel the best when sleeping on their left side instead of the right one. This way the baby will receive more useful nutrients and blood from the mother will circulate much better, which would result in it reaching the placenta faster.

Besides, a woman should choose this pillow for pregnancy and place it between her legs while laying on the left side with legs bent.

SOS sleeping position for a pregnant woman

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2. SOS plus extra pillow

Women in their second and third trimester who experience different issues such as back pain or heartburn can still sleep following the SOS method. However, they are advised to add some extra pillows:

  • If your back hurts, you should add an additional pillow below the abdomen. This should ease the pain and help you fix the problems.
  • If you have heartburn, you need to place more pillows below the upper part of your body.
  • If you feel difficulties with breathing, you should add more pillows by your side.

A good pregnancy pillow with good support for the female neck, back and other parts of the body is a comfort giver for millions of women from all over the world. Place the pillow under your belly, legs and side. change your positions during the night.

3. Right side sleeping

While most doctors and experts would say that sleeping on the left side is better, you can also feel great while staying on your right side (if you feel comfortable this way).

However, you are advised to change your position during the nap or night sleep, you can shift from right to left, and there should be no problems.

Sleeping positions for a pregnant woman - list of best poses

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How to sleep during pregnancy

Women who love to sleep on their tummy and back might experience some minor problems when the baby grows, and the belly grows along with the child. We want to share some effective tips that can ease your life during this period.

It is awesome if you can avoid laying down on your belly and back. Stay fixed on SOS variant and add more pillows if you are not completely comfortable on the left or right side.

Each mom-to-be often suffers from insomnia, especially during her third trimester. It is not fun to lay down all night staring at the clock and waiting for the next day to arrive, isn’t it? How is it possible to find your best sleeping position in such a situation?

Here is what experts suggest for such mommies to do besides using their SOS sleeping side-based position:

  • Read the most boring thing ever (some messages on your smartphone, the book you really don’t like, etc.) – this way the pregnant mind will be distracted and fall asleep easier.
  • Write a journal before going to bed and express all the things that bother you the most.
  • Make it a tradition to walk at least half an hour every day.
  • Choose special prenatal yoga or other forms of light exercising or interesting classes for pregnant women because this can work as natural stress relief.
  • Pregnant women can also enjoy some special and professional massage to improve their sleep.
  • Avoid eating spicy foods, drinking caffeine drinks, actually, drink less water or tea before going to bed.
  • Make your own sleep schedule and follow it closely – for example, go to bed at the same time every evening.

These are just some tips that are designed to help you improve and ease your pregnancy months.

Now you know how should a pregnant woman sleep to avoid issues with her health and her baby's. Every mom-to-be has to remember the best sleeping position during pregnancy and take good care of herself and her baby.

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