How to prepare pepper soup with intestine

How to prepare pepper soup with intestine

Are you looking for a delicious spicy recipe of something nutritious and healthy? We want to share a cool guide on how to prepare pepper soup with intestine. Nigerians love this soup, and your family will be glad to try something awesome for dinner.

How to prepare pepper soup with intestine

The soup with pepper and intestine can be delicious. It is not difficult to make when you know the list of pepper soup ingredients and all the cooking steps.

This can become your most beloved weekend meal. You can also cook it for some weekly dinners if you are a big fan of spicy food.

How to make pepper soup

While some families love to eat pepper soup as it is, most Nigerians prefer adding some meat to make it rich and nutritious. You can use intestines, seasonal vegetables, and your favorite products to garnish your dinner.

Even when it is hot outside, there is nothing better for dinner than a bowl with warm or hot pepper soup with intestine. Soups are important meals for a human body, and it is necessary to eat soups once in a while.

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Pepper soup might not be the meal for every day, but it should be on your table once or twice a month or whenever you feel like eating something deliciously spicy and hot. Otherwise, you can always order a serving for yourself at any Nigerian restaurant, bar, hotel and other ‘food’ places.

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Pepper soup with intestine ingredients

Pepper soup ingredients

  • Intestine (you can add some assorted cow meat such as liver, heart if you wish) – 1 kilogram
  • Chilli pepper – 1 tablespoon
  • Pepper (red, green or yellow) – 3 pieces
  • Stock cube (choose beef taste) – 3 pieces
  • Uda seeds – 4 pieces
  • Uziza seeds – 5 pieces
  • Onion (use ‘red’ type) – 1 piece
  • Crayfish – 2 tablespoon
  • Spring onion – a couple of leaves
  • Nutmeg – 3 pieces
  • Curry powder – 1 tablespoon
  • Basil – a couple of leaves
  • Salt – to your taste
  • Water

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Intestine for pepper soup recipe

Steps for preparing pepper soup with intestine

  • Step 1. You need to wash intestines before you can follow the guide on how to cook pepper soup. Most intestines are not clean when you get them in the market. Nobody wants to be poisoned, so please wash the intestines to remove possible pieces of ground, grass and various ‘unclean’ extras.

Tips for washing everything correctly: just turn the intestines inside out and place into a deep bowl with water. After you have carefully washed everything, you need to rinse it with salty water and place intestine into a cool place (refrigerator if you have one).

How to cook pepper soup with intestine
  • Step 2. Take fresh peppers and onion and cut into small pieces. Add a little bit of crayfish and place into a new bowl.
Nutmeg for pepper soup with intestine recipe
  • Step 3. Take nutmeg pieces and remove them from shells. It is cool when you are blending them along with some Uziza seeds. Place this mixture into another bowl.
  • Step 4. Prepare your scented leaves by cutting them into stripes after you carefully wash everything. Add some salt to them. You will need this later on.

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Recipe to prepare pepper soup with intestine
  • Step 5. Find a deep pot. Add water and the following pepper soup ingredients: 50 percent of your chopped nutmeg with Uziza seeds (from step 3), onions and peppers (from step 2); curry powder and intestines. Add a bit of salt and let everything keep cooking on the stove for approximately 20-25 minutes. Use high and later medium heat. If necessary, pour in more water because the products have to become soft.
  • Step 6. It is time to add your remaining crayfish, the rest of onion, pepper, and Uziza seeds. Add your stock cubes. Salt a little bit at this point and keep cooking until intestines become even tenderer.
  • Step 7. Add the seasoning spices and leaves (from step 4) and pour in some additional water, if necessary. You can use low heat and wait for another 8-15 minutes.
How to make pepper soup with intestine
  • Step 8. Remember to taste your pepper soup with intestine and turn off heat when you like the flavor.
  • Step 9. It is ready to serve, and you can eat it along with potatoes, rice or plantain.

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Homemade pepper soup with intestine is an incredible and delicious Nigerian meal. You know how to make pepper soup now, so prepare it and make your family happy. Just be careful with how much pepper you add, because it is easy to overdo with spices.

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