Vigilante group of Nigeria salary

Vigilante group of Nigeria salary

Who are the Vigilante Group and what do they do for Nigeria? It’s time to find out the sum of money that they receive for their services. This group is constantly looking for the recruits and, they say nothing about the salary that they are going to provide to these recruits. started its own investigation about them!

Vigilante group of Nigeria salary

Vigilante group review

Who are vigilante and why do Nigerians need them? The National Headquarters of Vigilante Group of Nigeria is situated in Kaduna. It’s one of the most influential non-governmental political organizations in the country. It was founded about twenty years ago. The zonal offices of the organization are scattered across the country.

Vigilante group of Nigeria salary

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The main idea and goal of the Vigilante Group Nigeria are to stop crimes. The main focus is provided to be on the question of the security measures for our country. They also aim to protect people and their property. At the same time, the Vigilante group is obligated to provide criminals to the law enforcers. They have no rights to punish people from their own side.

The Vigilante group also provides security all around the country for various reasons. They may also work as bodyguards and support people if they are under pressure of insecurity. Every local government of Nigeria has around 400 members, and about 700 members are provided to be in the country.

Vigilante group of Nigeria salary

If you want to be a part of Vigilante Group Nigeria, then you may need to go through the whole registration process. First of all, it’s connected with your total background check, rationality, orientation, morality and various other parameters that might be interested in the organization. Do not forget, that the main criteria for selection are the willingness to serve your country, abide laws and help people in need!

Vigilante Nigeria Salary

Vigilante group of Nigeria salary

We have not much information about the salaries for this group. Only the protest of the Anambra State Vigilanties against non-payment provided a small portion of information about their earning. On March 2016, the Daily Post reported about more than 300 members of Vigilante group who protested against eight months of non-payment.

These people passed through the pain as the government refused them to give the monthly salary of N10,000 per person. The government-owned at least N80,000 for each of the 300 members. The vigilantes protested for about three days but without noticeable results. Nevertheless, the local government leaders helped to dismiss the crowd and assured the vigilantes that their salary demands would have success.


Vigilante group of Nigeria salary

Therefore, the only information that is possible to provide about the salary situation with Vigilante Group Nigeria is that they earn only about N10,000 per month. It seems that for that salary they serve more for the idea, then for the money.

What will happen next with this group is unknown. They firmly believe that their campaign against crime will continue despite everything. They work not for salary but the security of all people!


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