Highest IQ in the world - Top 10 intelligent countries

Highest IQ in the world - Top 10 intelligent countries

IQ abbreviation became widely used at the beginning of a new millennium. It still has not lost its ground and is a very popular scientific notion that turned into realia of modern life. So, what is that? What does it mean? Where did it come from? Sitizens of what countries have the highest IQ? What country is the most intelligent? What is the position of Nigeria in IQ list? You will find full and comprehensive response to all these questions and much more.

Highest IQ

What does IQ do?

The term IQ was mentioned in a set of investigations as a synonym to a ‘sophistication measuring instrument’. ‘IQ and the Wealth of Nations’ is a book that caused a real furor among English-speaking readers when it first appeared on the literary horizon in 2002. The authors of this book are Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus - psychologist, and Tatu Vanhanen - Finish political scientist, Doctor of Philosophy. According to their work, gross national income differences correlate with average national intellectual quotient (IQ). The scientists explain this correlation in such a way: intellectual quotient is a crucial point that distinguishes the discrepancy of national wealth and economic growth speed; however, it is not the only determining factor of these diversities.

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‘IQ and Global Inequality’ is a sequel of the same authors that contains a table with information of average IQ for 81 countries. This investigation was made on the basis of analyzed reports that had been published on the matter of concern. Thus, the scientific duet concluded that national IQ correlates directly with gross national income (GNI) of the country. They underlined that possible disparity of national IQ data depended on genetic and ecological factors.

So, subsequently, the first statistic data about the cleverest and wittiest people and nations appeared in the media basing on these scientific works. Let’s see who is the leader. Here is a list of the highest IQ in the countries all over the world.

Top 10 smartest nations of the world

The first place goes to... The country with the highest IQ level is Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong. Its IQ is 107.

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It is important to mention that the fact of high population density (6480 people per square kilometer) and number of people had an impact on the IQ rating as well. Thus, equal education receiving is much easier to be organized there than in other countries.

10 intelligent countries

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Peoples Republic of China (PRC) could be considered the leader too because Hong Kong forms part of PRC though its special status enables it to be considered separately in some respects, along with IQ level. It should be mentioned that exact and natural sciences are taught very thoroughly there. According to the world education rating, Hong Kong gives in to Finland only.

The second among the cleverest nations is South Korea. It is known for the quickest Internet in the whole world, the swiftest cyber sportsmen’s fingers and high IQ level (106). The educational system is pondered to be the best and the most demanding in the world, however there are negative consequences of it. For example, some Korean students have to spend studying up to 14 hours a day. Here is even a worse fact: self murder quantity increases during examinations period. As a rule, a student leaves school at 19 and then precedes studying at higher educational establishments. There is a tough competing during entrance exams to colleges and universities.

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The third is Japan, land of the rising sun and high technologies. Japan got ahead of the pedantic Germans long ago. It is known that Tokyo University is thought to be the best in Asia and it has been listed among the best 25 higher educational establishment of the world. Just fancy that the literacy rate is estimated 99 %! The Japanese cope pretty well with mathematical problems, exact and natural sciences in addition to IQ tests. Real geniuses!

One more Asian state is the fourth. It is Taiwan. It is known as a country of high technologies production and high university degrees too. The most popular are exact sciences and English that became a crucial point to study owing to endless business negotiations with American partners, the main trade associates.

Tiny Singapore is the fifth. The country has got 5 million people and 270 million dollars of the gross domestic product which is directly correlated to pretty high results of the IQ tests.

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Intelligent countries

The Netherlands is after Singapore, it is the sixth. As it turned out, 12 years of primary school education is obligatory for everybody there. Thus, it makes the Dutch study longer than any other Europeans do. Evidently, it quite influences IQ of the population. By the way, the educational system of the Netherlands is the ninth in the world.

Italy is keeping up with the competitors, it is the seventh. The Italians have got 102 points of IQ on average. According to statistics, Italy is a leading country of genius quantity per capita.

Germany is the eighth with 102 IQ. Its economic indicator is as persuasive as IQ level of the population. Germany is European leader concerning the combined gross domestic product (GDP).

Austria has got 102 IQ points too and is the ninth in the list. The primary education there is free and obligatory for each citizen. Most of the people ‘keep moving’ and get degrees.

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Sweden and Switzerland share the tenth place reaching 100 IQ on average. Switzerland is famous for watchmakers and other exact industries. Let’s not forget the internationally well-known banking networks that demand being witty as well. Concerning Sweden, it is one of the leading states on the number of citizens with higher education.

Thus, we may conclude that average IQ depends mostly on the nation’s educational system effectiveness.

IQ rank

Nobel laureates’ countries

There are a different points of view on the most intelligent countries rating. This one is based on the number of Nobel winners per country. Quantity of Nobel laureates, in turn, proves educational efficiency of a country too. So, let’s look through a collection of 3 countries which can be called the smartest from this point of view.

According to statistic information of Nobel Prize Committee, the USA became the first. In the period of more than a hundred years there were 356 Americans who got the Nobel Prize. It can be easily explained by scientific capability provided by the state in various spheres at research centers and institutes of the USA.

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The second country of Nobel laureate’s winners is Great Britain. Each year one British gets the Nobel Prize. There are 121 laureates already there.

Germany is the third, there are 104 winners of the Nobel Prize so far.

Mind power


Let’s sum up everything abovementioned. IQ shows the intelligence level of a person. According to statistics and investigation results of Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen, Asians (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and South Korea) have got the highest level of IQ. They take half of the positions in the rating of the cleverest nations. On average, it is more than 105. Talking about European countries, Italy, Germany, Swiss, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands are the smartest.

As for another rating based on the number of Nobel Prize laureates, the USA, Great Britain and Germany are the most intelligent countries. Bravo!

Some skeptics believe that IQ tests do not provide 100% accurate evaluation of a person or even nation intelligence because tests are not perfect. Maybe in the nearest future the rating of the smartest will be changed who knows. As per IQ Research, Nigeria's average IQ is 84, it is the 23d place. Let’s hope for the best for our country.

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