Anybody That Tells You Change, Stone That Person – Patience Jonathan

Anybody That Tells You Change, Stone That Person – Patience Jonathan

Nigeria’s First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan told a crowd of supporters to stone to death anyone caught mentioning change.

Mrs Jonathan stated this in Calabar on March 2, 2015, while campaigning for the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and her husband the incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan.

Patience Jonathan said: “Anybody that come and tell you change, stone that person. Anybody that come and tell you he will change, stone that person.

''What you did not do 19 Kirikiri, is now that old age has caught up with you, you want to come and change? You can’t change; rather you will turn back to a baby. You will turn back to a baby. From old age nothing, so nothing like change. Rather (it) is continuity,”  she further added.

The First Lady advised the women to ensure they cast their votes in the coming elections even if they were in having labour pains.

Even though belle (pregnancy) is disturbing you, tell it baby, baby let me go and vote. Baby wait let me go and exercise my mandate. Baby wait let me go and do what I can use to feed you.  Baby wait for me, let me go and vote, after voting, I will come and deliver you,  and you won’t die because Goodluck has given all the safety measures.  You won’t die,” Mrs Jonathan urged the excited crowed.

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Watch the full video below:

The opposition All Progressives Party's slogan for March 28 election is ‘change’, so some Nigerians supposed that Patience Jonathan had called on Nigerians to stone the opposition politicians.

A Dr. Peregrino Brimah said via his Twitter handle that Mrs Jonathan should be arrested immediately.

Other Nigerians also criticised the First Lady.

Akanji Abiola Ak Pumpin from Lagos said: “Pathetic statement from the first lady! It shows she and her hubby are so desperate to be returned to power. I could remember we didn't go this far in 2011 when we voted them in power, but look at what they've turned into in just a five years. It's a big shame...It's time for change, and it's inevitable.

When you allow illitrates to lead this is the kind of leadership you get,” added Nigerian student Soni Alfred Madojemu.

Balogun Olalekan Abdulrasheed called on Mrs Jonathan: “Come to the streets and tell us about your Transformation, if we no go stone you reach Okirika.”

Juwairiyya Moussa reacted: “Never expect this from your mouth Nigeria first lady. I suppose those you are telling this won't react because you will be in Villa and they will be killing themselves here. Chai there's God.”

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It's a pity, how can someone in her capacity be sounding like this?” Michael Korede Olorunyomi wondered.

But there were also Nigerians who defend Mrs. Jonathan.

Clems said: “Some people say our first lady cannot speak good English, what about Buhari whom you want to elect to be Mr. President. Can he speak good English? If he can, please, tell him to come for the debate.”

You all have made your points, as for me, am based on transformation. We all know that change one constant thing in life. So we need to get transformed to a better life,” Obinna Okafor added.

I would not join the train of those that abuse first lady today. The only clear thing is that "when the head is weak, supportive is nothing to write home about, the surrounded parts of the body are corrupt. This is exactly what you will be seeing. It would be in the historical archive of this country that Jonathan/Sambo administration's transformation" agenda is a painful injection on the butt of the country citizen,” Olaide Remmy Ogunwale said.

Patience Jonathan has recently mocked the APC’s slogan saying that the PDP does not tell Nigerians about change because they are not bus conduct


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