OPINION: To those who say Trump will go to jail by Femi Fani-Kayode

OPINION: To those who say Trump will go to jail by Femi Fani-Kayode

Editor's note: Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, Nigeria's former aviation minister, writes on the recent events in the United States of America, especially regarding the conduct of President Donald Trump and the comments of those who oppose him.

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You keep screaming: “Trump will go to jail! Trump will go to jail!”

You even went as far as to boastfully proclaim that,

“Trump is shameless and he will spend the rest of his life in prison!” and that “he’s fighting for his life, but it is too late!”

Frankly, I do not know whether to laugh or cry!

Before you earn the right to condemn and criticise Trump and say he will go to jail, kindly consider your own pitiful condition and the insensitive and evil disposition of your own president and condemn and criticise him first.

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OPINION: To those who say Trump will go to jail by Femi Fani-Kayode
President Trump has practically been the number one trending topic globally this week. Photo credit: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg
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If you cannot do that then just shut up and stop whining about Trump or wishing him evil.

Ponder on the words of Mr. Ikechukwu Ka Dibia Onyeji. He wrote:

“If you turn on CNN, or BBC, or Al Jazeera, and see the information that I've been fingered in an attempt to rob a bank in Europe, I can speak English from morning till night here trying to clear my name, you may never believe me, because you saw it on CNN and BBC. Even if I've never for one day set foot in Europe, I'll struggle to convince 10 of you that what you saw on your TV screens is a lie.”

Slowly we're witnessing a world where the burden of proving that a crime took place has shifted from the accuser and the burden of proving that no crime took place has shifted to the accused. We're in the age of Information tyranny.

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Big news corporations and social media giants now decide for us who and what is right or wrong. They now decide what is fake news and what is not. They now decide who wins elections and who doesn't. We've virtually outsourced our thinking to them. The media corporations and social media corporations today are far more powerful than they were 10years ago.

All it takes for fraudulent elections anywhere in the world to be legitimised today is to get any major news corporation to say it was free and fair, and any opposing voice to the contrary will be labelled fake news. That is what happened in America this last election.

Whether Trump won or not, many of us will never know because we've been told by CNN and all the other big media that he lost. Anything else he's saying is the ramblings of a delusional mad man. For four years the media corporations in America did a lot of harm to the image of Donald Trump.

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He may not be a nice guy, I may not like him. But whatever character he possessed, was under serious assault by the media for 4 good years. They controlled what aspect of Trump's character was available to the public.

Ask many people all they can say about Trump is what they have seen or heard from CNN. Slowly the image of a very shrewd, wise, and resourceful billionaire gave way to a tyrant, a petulant, racist character.

CNN even made it seem like Trump isn't mentally fit enough to be America's president! I mean a guy who has written books on wealth creation, and has even made wealth in billions of dollars is now not fit to be America's president?!

The media made us all think that way. And now Trump's Facebook and Twitter accounts have been blocked because of last night's event. Censorship is now accepted because it is against a side the media doesn't like, so it'll pass.

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Information tyranny is real. And we're fully in that era. We're even far too deep in the grasp of these information Tyrants to even understand their power and how they manipulate us.

However, many Americans, like the ones who protested last night realise they're being manipulated and they're resisting. The media again is painting them as evil. I've seen words like "Insurrectionists," "hooligans" and "seditionists" used to describe them.

75 million Americans voted for Trump. And we all saw how Trump's early lead was crushed in questionable circumstances. But because a candidate anointed by the big media is on the receiving end we can't question it, else they label us "anarchists" and "enemies of democracy."

Even here many of us now think the height of intelligence is not supporting Donald Trump. If you support Trump then you're a fool, and even worse than the fools that support Buhari.

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I will never be against a protesting crowd. Because in their numbers lies the true strength of democracy we all love to defend and extol.

Whoever becomes the president of America come January 20th, one thing is certain: what the media did in America by practically electing a president for the people, will be replicated in many countries of the world.

And the beneficiaries will directly or indirectly be influenced by what happened in the 2020 American election.

We must remember that once the media say they're right, then there's very little we can do about it. Hence the will of the people will be replaced by the will of the media.

Ikechukwu has hit the nail on the head. I could not have put it better myself. The media have now become the judge, the prosecution, and the jury in any and every contentious issue. Anything that they allege and assert is sacrosanct and they alone rule in the affairs of men. What a strange and different world we live in today.

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We have arrived in the days that the great American author, Mr. Aldous Huxley, graphically predicted in his famous book titled 'A Brave New World'.

We have sailed into the frightful and evil age that the brilliant British author, Mr. George Orwell, accurately depicted in two of his most famous literary works titled 'Animal Farm' and '1984' respectively.

There is no doubt that in today's increasingly totalitarian world, 'some are more equal than others' and 'Big Brother' is watching us all!

Before our very eyes the new world order, in all its dark and fascistic glory, is unfolding and few are prepared to stand up against it.

May God help us.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Legit.ng.

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