Rare and beautiful Kazakh girl names: list

Rare and beautiful Kazakh girl names: list

Modern parents are responsible for choosing a name for their child. Names for girls are chosen very carefully. Every mother and every father wants to emphasize the uniqueness and unsurpassed beauty of their baby in this way. Rare women's names, which are ingrained in Kazakh names, will help make this choice.

Rare and beautiful Kazakh girl names
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Kazakh girl names: how to choose?

Picking a name for the girl is not an easy task. It must be good-sounding, beautiful and expressive. The importance of a name is important, because it affects a girl's fate, her success, and emphasizes her individual characteristics.

Most parents choose rare female names. In such a case, reproduction of the name is almost impossible. Then the daughter will always feel unique and unbeatable. Such a name is easy to remember, it will surprise and amaze others.

Kazakh women's names are rich and diverse due to the long history of our people. Arabic and European names have taken root in this name.

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But there are some female names that have become forgotten, out of fashion at some point in the past. Now it's time to remember them to pick an original and sound name for the girl.

Kazakh women's names: options

The revision of the Kazakh name has allowed to make a top that includes female names that have been forgotten but have not lost their relevance.

Those who are choosing names for girls will find the list useful:

Kazakh names for girls mostly point to extraordinary beauty. So, to emphasize the femininity, mystery, harmonious appearance, and slim girls, parents named names that have indications of the heavenly luminaries:

  1. The moon: Aypar and Aygansha, the "moon fairy" and "moon queen," Ayjamal, Aibala, Aybike, Aisulu, Aibibi, "moon beauty," Aigul, "moon flower," Aysia, "moon glow," Aytholda, "full moon," Ayasem, Aizat, Ayzer, Aikun and Aibiq, "moon," "moon," Kamaria, "beautiful moon."
  2. Stars: Zhuldyz, Zauresh - "Morning Star."

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Rare and beautiful Kazakh girl names
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  • The beauty of the girls is highlighted by names that have been compared to a flower.

So, Anargul is a "pomegranate flower," Altyngul is a "golden flower," Bibigul is "mistress of flowers," Bakhytkul is "flower of happiness," Gulbarshyn and Gulvira are "beautiful as a flower," Gulbakhram is a "spring flower," Gulsifa is "beautiful as a flower," Kulanda is "flower-like," Yenlik is "Kazakh flower," Maygul and Mirgul are "flower."

  • Beautiful female names with meaning like "sweet," "sweet as honey," "apple" express the girl's ideality, outward perfection, compliant character, tenderness and softness.

The following names have such meanings as: Alua, Alma, Balsheker, Baljan, Balganym, Balreke, Balzia, Nabat.

The old times gave women names, in which the beauty of a woman is likened to the precious stones (Zumrat (emerald)), gold (Altynshash, Dilda, Zhaina, Zara), silver (Dinara), silk (Duria, Torgin).

Do you want to give a girl a beautiful name that will make her happy? We analyzed beautiful Kazakh names and suggest that you choose from the list in the article.

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  • The meaning of "beauty" is given by the names Aru, Ademi, Azhar, Alana, Bagida, Erzib, Badiguljamal, Gaziza, Gulmariya, Guljanat, Saulet, Firuza.

The same meaning, expressed metaphorically through the meaning "brilliant," "radiant," "blond," "perfect," is given to the names Bibinur, Bayansoulu, Janar, Kamalia, Rakia, Saltanate, Oazipa, Urkiya, Sharbanu.

  • The Kazakhs often coded in the woman's name the cultural ideals dictated by their nomadic life.

For example, the beauty and tenderness of the woman was compared to the "eye of a camel" (Botakoz), "swallow" (Karlygash), "swan" (Akku), "river" (Daria).

  • Rare female names encode the ideal of female beauty that has been formed in the community of Kazakhs.

Black-haired woman, with expressive eyes and eyebrows was considered beautiful. Such names have such meaning: Zupar, Zulfiya, Zeynep, Kalamkas, Sulusash.

Rare and beautiful Kazakh girl names
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Source: UGC

A significant part of the Kazakh name for women indicates the high moral qualities of the girl:

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  1. These names mean "wisdom": Aguila, Akdan, Barshagul, Dana, Galima, Laliba, Magripa.
  2. Dignity, "chastity," and "nobility" denote the names of Aidan, Asiya, Amin, Akkenje, Bates, Bagila (Bageel), Gaini, Laik, Sharip.
  3. Names like Aisha, Jansai, Rukhiya, Razia, Sakyp, Fariz mean "Loyalty" and "vitality"
  4. The meaning "soul" is in the names Zhanayym, Zhannur, Zhansulu, Zhanylai.

When choosing a name for a newborn, make sure that it is in keeping with her character, nature, and personality.

Pay attention to the rare names that are in the Kazakh name.

Some have Kazakh roots, and some have been assimilated from Persian, Tatar, and Arabic.

Choose for your little girl an unusual but beautiful name, which she will be proud to wear, among these Kazakh girl names.

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