Uyo postal code full list by area

Uyo postal code full list by area

When writing letters or sending parcels to this Uyo, Uyo postal codes are required. They are specific for particular areas and thus help in the sorting out of letters and parcels. Well, as much as trends in communication are changing every day, and the world is embracing more direct and fast means, for example, calls, texting and emails, the paper letter has remained a formal and reliable way of communication. It is therefore essential that we look at Uyo zip code.

Uyo postal code
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Postal code and Zip code can be used interchangeably in Nigeria. They are letters and sometimes numbers ending address that are used to sort letters or parcels for specific places from others. Normally, they come mostly as digits like the ones we are about to see. That said, let us now take a look at the zip code for Uyo city.

Postal code for Uyo Akwa Ibom state

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Zip code for Uyo
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Akwa Ibom is one of the thirty-six states of Nigeria. It has its headquarters in Uyo, Nigeria. Uyo has several areas under it with all of them having distinct zip codes. The city is also subdivided into districts, and each district has its own as well.

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What are the Uyo postal code for each area?

postal code Uyo
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A clear grasp of the Uyo zip code can only be achieved by looking at the areas and districts within the city. It has nine areas with each area having several avenues. The following are their postal codes:

Iboko area — 520261

  • Akpan Essein Rd.
  • Akpata St.
  • Faith Rd.
  • Ekka St.
  • Ekpong St.
  • Idiam St.
  • Abak Rd.
  • Ikot Ekpene Street
  • Idoro Ipo Abak Rd.
  • Oku Street
  • Udo Obio St.
  • Willian Bassey Road

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Akpan Street — 520222

  • Akpan Street

Faha Oku Akpo — 520211

  • Barrack Rd.
  • Udo St.
  • Effiong Udo Akpan
  • Asutan Street
  • Eka St.
  • Plateau Rd.
  • Udo Otong Ubo
  • Umoren Street

Itiam Ikot Abia area — 520241

  • Obio Imo
  • Aka Rd.
  • Ake Itiam Rd.
  • Ata Inim
  • Etoi
  • Etuk
  • Idem
  • Inim Etok Akpan
  • Iwe
  • Johnstone
  • Nyong Essien
  • Oniong
  • Pauline
  • Udo Ekpon Inyang
  • Udo Ofong Ubo

Catholic Secretary area — 520221

  • Affau St.
  • Gibbi St.
  • Akpabio Books Rd.
  • Akpan Street
  • Ekpo Obot St
  • Ekpeyong Street
  • Paul Bassey Street
  • Plateau Rd.

Postal code Uyo market — 520251

  • Jubilee School
  • Akpan
  • Enoidem Street
  • Etinad Rd.
  • Etok Street
  • Odosen Nkahia Street
  • Itiam Street
  • Itiam Lane
  • Nsentip Street
  • Nsit Lane
  • Port Harcourt St.
  • Udo Eduok Street
  • Udo Ekong Lane
  • Chief Ekepnyong
  • Ukana Offot Lane
  • Yoruba Rd.

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School of Art and Science area — 520271

  • Akpan Idiok
  • Ekong Essian
  • Ekpon Rd.
  • Ikot Ekpene Rd.
  • Ikpa Rd.
  • Itam Rd.
  • Onyong Udo
  • Udo Ekong
  • Uko Essiat

Military office Iba Oku area — 520212

  • Barrack Rd.
  • Old Stadium

Housing Estate Ewet — 520231

  • Akpan Efuk
  • Atakpe
  • Ewet
  • Oron Rd.
  • Udo Obot
  • Udosien Uko

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Zip code for Uyo districts

postal code for Uyo Akwa Ibom state
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The city has four districts, each district has a number of towns within it that share the postal information. If you are looking for the postal code for Uyo districts together with their towns and respective numbers, then check them out here.

Oku District — 520103

  • Afaha Idoro
  • Nung Uyu Idoro
  • Ikot Uduro
  • Ikot Oku
  • Iba Oku
  • Ikot Ebibo

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Ikano District — 520104

  • Nung Ukim
  • Ikot Iton
  • Ikot Eboro
  • Mbiabong
  • Ikot Ayan
  • Ikot Offiong

Etor District — 520102

  • Itiam Etoi
  • Ikot Abasi
  • Ifa Atari
  • Ifa Ikot Akpan Abia
  • Obio Etoi
  • Mbuku Ikot Ebo
  • Miabong Ikot
  • Ifan Ikot Obong

Offot District — 520101

  • Iboko
  • Nsukara Offot
  • Aka Offot
  • Obio Offot
  • Uyo Offot
  • Ikot Anyang
  • Effiat Offot

Well, if you were thinking of sending a parcel or letter, there you have Uyo postal code. They have been broken down for specific districts and areas. All you are required to do is to identify the area you intend to send your item then read the digits.

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