World's First Floating City by South Korea: It Makes its Own Food, Water & Can Withstand Any Natural Disaster

World's First Floating City by South Korea: It Makes its Own Food, Water & Can Withstand Any Natural Disaster

  • In a bid to combat the challenge of rising sea levels, plans are underway to build the world's first floating city by 2025
  • The floating city concept which was discussed at a United Nations roundtable meeting in April 2019 is set to be built off the coast of South Korea
  • The unique city is designed in a way that it can withstand natural disasters of any kind and is bale to produce its own food, water as well as energy

An historic agreement has been reached by Busan Metropolitan City of the Republic of Korea, UN-Habitat and New York designers, Oceanix, to build the world's first floating city by 2025, has learnt.

The agreement to construct the self-sufficient city formed the discuss of an April 2019 roundtable meeting that had in attendance UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed, Marc Collins Chen, the chief executive of Oceanix and Nicholas Makris, a professor at the MIT Centre for Ocean Engineering, Global Construction Review reports.

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South Korea to built the world's first floating city in 2025
it produces its own food, water and energy Photo Credit: Daily Mail
Source: UGC

The reason for the floating city

Dail Mail reports that the floating city is aimed at ensuring humanity survives the challenge of rising sea levels.

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The floating city will be able to produce its own food, water, energy and can withstand any natural disaster including category 5 hurricanes as its floating platform will be anchored on the sea floor. also learnt that the city will generate its electricity from solar panels that will be placed atop buildings. There will also be provision for boat pods to ferry inhabitants of the floating city.

Its cost and people who'd live in the city

While its construction is estimated to gulp a whopping $200 million (N83 trillion), it hasn't been decided who the residents would be and how they'd be selected.

A report by Business Insider indicates that the floating city will be segmented into islands. Each island will contain a limestone coating and will be hexagonal in shape. It is reported that its limestone coating will be almost three times harder than concrete.

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City of gold

Meanwhile, previously reported that an explorer had visited the Japanese city of gold.

Kanazawa people are so blessed with gold that it is added to almost everything they do. The city which is reported to supply more than 90 percent of the gold in Japan has ice cream with gold in it.

Joe, in a video he shared on Facebook, showed some sections of the blessed city and its people.

Joe wondered why the people of the city eat ice cream and drink tea with gold in it and came to the conclusion that it was because of the value attached to it.

A waiter while handing a gold ice cream to the explorer revealed that chances of picking up a sickness after consuming items in gold are about 0.0001 percent.


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