Boko Haram: I Was Advised To Tell Jonathan To Go Fetish – Prof. Chinedu Nebo

Boko Haram: I Was Advised To Tell Jonathan To Go Fetish – Prof. Chinedu Nebo

Yesterday, April 13, Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, at Palm Sunday and his daughter’s wedding thanksgiving, disclosed that recently someone he refused to name approached him and advised President Goodluck Jonathan to go fetish if he was desirous of seeing an end to insurgencies in parts of the country.

He also assured that despite current challenges in Nigeria, the country was on the verge of a new dawn.

During his sermon entitled "Jehovah, the Omnipotent is our Refuge and Strength" at the Aso Villa Chapel, Chinedu Nebo, who was the guest preacher, confessed that he refused to yield ‎to the advice because of the assurance in God’s word that the nation’s weapons of warfare were not carnal but spiritual.

The Minister of Power added that the unnamed person also disclosed to him that previous administrations had gone fetish importing foreign spiritualists, who went round the country in planes, making incantations in some strategic places.

According to Nebo, this unnamed person had hinted that the hired spiritualists might have made negative pronouncements against the country, hence the need to bring them back to right the wrong.

"Several months ago, when it appeared that people out there, no matter what good government did, they criticised; they spoke against government, then the insurgents continued to do whatever they felt they had been paid to do. A man came to me and he is not a Christian and he told me, ‘you know, if you could tell the President to do so and so, these things will stop."

"He said people were imported from outside this country and they were paid by previous administrations to enter the planes making incantations, flying across all the perimeters of the boundaries of Nigeria," Nebo recalled.


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