Obasanjo Is Not Nigeria, Leave Jonathan Alone

Obasanjo Is Not Nigeria, Leave Jonathan Alone

The Ex-Bayelsa State governor, Chief Diep-reye Alamieseigha, yesterday spoke on Obasanjo's controversial letter to President Jonathan saying the former President Olusegun Obasanjo should allow President Goodluck Jonathan freely run his administration without interference.

Speaking in Yenagoa, he said though Obasanjo deserves Jonathan’s respect, the president needs the support and encouragement of all Nigerians to run the country successfully.

He said, “No man is infallible, there is no man on this earth that knows everything about governance. Even if  you have tested power severally, one is still bound to make mistakes. Governance is a very complex thing. The office of president if you are not careful only those who want to tell you what you want to hear will have access to you. I cannot say the content of the letter is entirely rubbish as a Nigerian’’.

“You should know that President Jonathan must step on some toes for him to achieve success in the reforms he is embarking upon. He has done certain things that only courageous people can do. The pains for the ultimate realisation of the Nigerian dream can only last for a while’’.

“We must concede that at least Jonathan has achieved some great feats. But those things that he has not done well, he should be encouraged and advised in the right way and with good intention and not staying outside to command him as if the president is your subject that you can just sit anywhere to control. Leadership is like a relay race, Goodluck Jonathan should be allowed to run his race’’, Alamieyesieya maintained.

Meanwhile Alamieyesieya does not agree that Obasanjo’s letter is capable of truncating the ambition of Jonathan for a second term, insisting than Nigeria is bigger than Obasanjo.

“Obasanjo is not Nigeria, he alone cannot tell the citizens what to do. Remember he lost an election in his own village. That is how unpopular he is, even up till today or tomorrow. But Nigerians still voted for him. His disposition cannot significantly affect the electoral fortunes of Jonathan.

“Its God who gives power, if God so desires that Jonathan should continue in office then his aspiration will come to fruition. Jonathan has done much more than any other president has done. Let us support and encourage him instead of trying to pull him down by whipping up sentiments’’, Alamieyeseigha said.

Source: Legit.ng

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